Centre Issues ‘Dark web’ Advisory to Ministeries

Government stated that, Dark/deep web is being used by nefarious mindsets, including criminals, terrorists, Hostile Intelligence Agencies (HIAs) and non-state actors.

Pakistan has issued a cybersecurity advise to all ministries and provincial governments, advising them to take steps to avoid data leaks via the dark web. The dark web, often known as the darknet, is a section of the internet that is inaccessible to search engines.

The advisory contains certain steps which needs to be considered for the safety purposes. It includes the use of two-factor authentication on all email, social media, and banking accounts. One must avoid to download untrusted software and superfluous browser extensions. Also, we must never forward or open a link given by unknown sources through email or WhatsApp. Never share OTP that is (One Time Password) with anyone.

The alert, headlined ‘Leakage of Sensitive Data on the Dark Web,’ warns that the dark web’s anonymity makes it a “portal to the world of crime.” It accounts for 96% of all data available on the internet. The advice details some of the crimes committed on the dark web, such as hacking, blackmail, and terror funding.

It is not controlled by criminals, but by a non-profit organization known as the Tor Project. Tor is one of the largest black webs, and it is operated by a non-profit organization. In today’s digital world, the anonymity provided by the Tor browser is critical. Corporations and governing organizations alike are currently engaged in illicit cyber spying. Some people simply do not want government authorities or even Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to know what they are doing online, while others have no option.

The dark web’s reputation is frequently being associated to criminal intent or unlawful content. As well as “trading” sites where users can acquire illicit items or services. However, legal parties also use this structure. When it comes to dark web safety, deep web risks differ significantly from black web dangers.

If you’re thinking about utilizing the dark web for basic privacy. Then, you might be wondering, “Is the dark web unsafe to use?” Unfortunately, it may be a very hazardous place to be.

Written by Istafa Ali


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