Prime Minister Imran Khan – 23 Great Initiatives Revolutionizing Pakistan

The current government is in its fourth year of tenure. It’s time that we look back and appreciate all the good things that the incumbent government has done for Pakistan and the people of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan – 23 Great Initiatives Revolutionizing Pakistan

The current government is in its fourth year of tenure. It’s time that we look back and appreciate all the good things that the incumbent government has done for Pakistan and the people of Pakistan. Surely, the list is long but we have shortlisted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s 23 great initiatives that are revolutionizing Pakistan.

These initiatives have not only many important changes internally but also have improved the image of Pakistan in the community of nations. Despite many challenges, the government managed to keep the country on track.

  1. Social Development

In the history of Pakistan, no government had introduced such a large-scale initiative as the Ehsaas Program. This initiative addresses the problems of all sections of society. The concept of the welfare state idealized by PM Imran Khan seems to be achievable through this program. Not only this many other programs like Kamyab Pakistan Program are empowering our youth and giving them the chance to exploit the opportunities offered under these programs. There are many other such initiatives like Sehat Card, Ehsaas Scholarships, Naya Pakistan Housing Program, etc.

  1. Combating Coronavirus

The government has played an active part in curbing the virus that took over the world in 2019. Many preventive measures were deployed to control the spread of Covid. NCOC was established which was considered the nerve center to contain the pandemic. Not only this, financial aid was provided to 15 million families under the Covid relief package.

  1. Health Sector

The health sector has also been witnessing many great changes like the introduction of the Sehat Card, which guarantees free medical treatment for all. Many district headquarters hospitals have also been inaugurated. Isolation Hospital and Infectious Treatment Centre (IHITC) was opened in Islamabad.

  1. Railway

During the tenure of Imran Khan, many railway projects have also been initiated that would improve the conditions of railways in Pakistan. Some of these projects are Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), a freight train connecting Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI), Pakistan’s first-ever reefer freight train, a freight train linking Karachi to other regions, etc. The list goes on, it would take a lot of articles to mention them all.

  1. National Reserves

When it comes to the national reserves, the current government has managed to keep the national reserves from running out. The foreign reserves have been reported to increase from $16.4bn to $27bn. Moreover, the foreign remittances have also been increased from $19.9bn to $29.4bn.

  1. Tax net

This is a harsh reality but many of us though earning enough don’t pay tax, overburdening the government. Our taxes are the revenue that the government needs to spend on developmental projects. Tabdeeli aise hy tou nahien ajani. Kuch ap ka aur hamara bhi farz hai. The current government is making all efforts to bring as many people into the tax net as possible. All these efforts paid off as the tax collection increased from Rs3,800bn to Rs4,700bn.

  1. Technology

As most counties are becoming technological advance, Pakistan has just set foot in the arena too because of the current government. Today, Pakistan is trying to attain technological self-sufficiency. One such example of this is the Special Technology Zones Authority, which is working to make Pakistan count in the list of technologically advanced countries.

  1. Economy

The government of Pakistan has been doing its best to keep the economy stable amid crises like the pandemic. PM Imran Khan due to his charismatic personality and leadership has managed to get investments from abroad. Many countries besides China are conducting joint ventures and are bringing business to Pakistan.

  1. Low Unemployment Rate

Pakistan has been dealing with the problem of unemployment from the get-go. It only got worse with time. However, recently Pakistan was reported to have a lower unemployment rate than other countries in South Asia. The survey was conducted based on data provided by the World Bank. This is indeed a success for the whole nation.

  1. Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

The population is growing at a rapid rate but is the land growing with it too? Obviously not, because of it many people especially are devoid of their basic right that is right to shelter. To mitigate the housing issues, the government of Pakistan has introduced the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme which aims at building 10 lacs housing units annually.

  1. Education

The education sector along with all other sectors is also being developed. Initiatives like a single curriculum ensure quality and equal education for all. Many educational institutes have been inaugurated so far like Sialkot University of Applied Engineering and Technology, Pak-Austria Facchochschule Institute inaugurated in Haripur, University of Hafizabad, etc. Moreover, Ehsaas scholarships are also being offered to students who are unable to carry on with their education due to financial issues.

  1. Infrastructure

The infrastructure of a country shows how much that country is developed. Moreover, the construction of roads, highways, dams, etc. makes the lives of the citizens easier and sets the country on the path of progress. Some of the infrastructure projects that the current government is working on are Karachi Transformation Plan, Azad Pattan and Kohala Hydropower Projects, Quaid-e-Azam Business Park Sheikhupura, Diamer-Basha, and Mohmand dams, etc.

  1. Poverty Alleviation

Poverty alleviation has been a top priority for all the governments of Pakistan. But only a few have made some progress in uplifting the poor and needy. The current government has progressed significantly to curb poverty. It is evident through the introduction of the ‘Ehsaas Koye Bhooka Na Soye’ program. The initiative aims at addressing the hunger problems in the country.

  1. Electoral Rights For Overseas Pakistani

Overseas Pakistani play an important part in furthering the national interest abroad. We attach so much importance to them but not much we are doing to make them feel like they are also part of the system. Nevertheless, PM Imran Khan took notice of it and made them play their role in the affairs of the country, giving them the right to vote. This is seen as one of the biggest achievements of the government.

  1. Aapka Wazir-e-Azam Aap Ke Saath

Another great initiative taken by PM Imran Khan is the initiation of the program Aapka Wazir-e-Azam Aap Ke Saath. In this program, Prime Minister Imran Khan takes calls from all over Pakistan and addresses their issues. This connects the PM directly to the local people.

  1. Pakistan Citizen’s Portal(PCP) 

PCP is another great initiative by the current government that provides the people of Pakistan with the opportunity to register their complaints on the portal and get them solved. This has proven to be a successful platform that helps resolve the issue without the risk of identity exposure.

  1. Enactment of important Laws

During the tenure of Imran Khan, many laws have been introduced to improve the security situation of the country. Around 54 laws were imposed to aid the poor and weak in the country. Some of them are the Enforcement of Women Property Rights Act, Code of Civil Procedure Act, and Legal Aid and Justice Authority Act.

  1. Greener Pakistan

Climate is an issue that every country in the world is facing. PM Imran Khan has paid special attention to the problem of climate change and has taken many measures in this regard. Like plantation drives and introducing environmentally-friendly policies and products. Some of these initiatives are Travel Responsibly for Eco-tourism in KP (TREK), the Monsoon Tree Plantation Campaign, Green Stimulus Package, etc.

  1. Islamophobia

Radical and extremist ideologies seem to be rising and one such example of this is islamophobia. The hatred toward Muslims and the violence they are facing has been strongly condemned by the government. At every national and international forum, PM Imran Khan has urged the countries to raise their voice against religious-based violence. He on behalf of the OIC countries presented a resolution against islamophobia. Because of this UN declared 15th March as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

  1. Kashmir

Kashmir has been an unsettled matter for Pakistan since its inception. All the governments have made considerable efforts to resolve the issue. Even today the government is using all the platforms whether national, regional, or international to encourage every country to help Kashmir in times of need.

  1. Afghanistan

Another crisis-hit country Afghanistan has been on the list of priorities for the government of Pakistan. PM Imran Khan is doing everything in his power to help the Afghanis by providing them financial aid, food security, accommodating refugees, etc.

  1. Relations with other countries

For the past four years, the government has been working to build friendly relations with many countries. The government is making progress in forming cordial ties with Eurasian countries like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Ties with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran are also being furthered. China and Pakistan, with time, are strengthening their ties in many other sectors.

  1. Foreign Policy

The current government has set foreign policy goals. Those are to have strong relations with the Muslim world and to have good bilateral and trade relations with all the countries. The actions of the present government strongly advocates peace and harmony in the region and the world.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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