3 years of PTI Government – Let’s Admire the Past

The only person for whom the NA session and courts convened till the 11th hour. Certainly, Imran Khan’s achievements had an impact. Today we will talk about the 3 years performance of the PTI government and PM Imran Khan.

3 years of PTI Government – Let’s Admire the Past

Jinx, a word that perfectly fits the political situation of Pakistan. But it’s not the politics but the chair of the Prime Minister that is unfortunate. We have yet to see any PM completing the 5-year tenure. Game of Thrones plot is close to what’s happening in Pakistan but it still can’t beat us. Prime Minister Imran Khan took oath in 2018 and was the chosen Prime Minister of Pakistan for the next 5 years. However, Imran Khan was forcefully removed from office through a no-confidence vote. The only person for whom the NA session and courts convened till the 11th hour. Certainly, Imran Khan’s achievements had an impact. Today we will talk about the 3 years performance of the PTI government and PM Imran Khan.

Imran Khan’s Government’s Achievements

As the PM Imran Khan’s 5 years of government only reigned for 3 years. However, in these 3 years of the PTI government, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s performance is worth all the praise. What if Imran Khan didn’t get to complete his 5 years of the premiership, he made a huge impact on not only the nation but the world. Even India couldn’t help but air Imran Khan’s speeches and addresses. So, if our rivals closely tracked PM Imran Khan’s words and actions, just imagine what would have been the opposition going through. Anyhow, if just considered Pakistan and PM Imran Khan then know that the nation was more than contented with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government performance.

Know that these are not just claims, everything said and written is based on facts. One can’t deny the facts no matter how strongly you oppose them. Let’s take a ride back and admire the 3 years performance of the PTI government.

We have made a list of areas that PM Imran Khan revolutionized during his 3 years of government.

Social Sector

The 3 years of the PTI government benefited the whole nation equally. PM Imran Khan tried to uplift all the factions of society with a special focus on the poor and vulnerable people of the country.

  • Ehsaas Program

An initiative that resonates perfectly with the vision of Imran Khan i.e., to turn Pakistan into a welfare state. This program was introduced in 2019 with the sole purpose to ensure social safety and poverty alleviation. Ehsaas is an umbrella program constituting around 288 policies and initiatives and the list continues to grow. It is the biggest initiative taken in the history of Pakistan.


  • Sehat Card

When people were struggling because of over-burdening medical expenses at that time, PM Imran Khan launched Sehat Card. The Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card was introduced in different areas such as Punjab, Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK), Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), Tharparkar, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

  • Single National Curriculum (SNC)

In the 3 years of the PTI government, the education system has undergone a major change and that’s the introduction of a single national curriculum. For the first time, the poor and rich were deemed equal by ensuring equal educational opportunities for all.

The list goes on. There are other many significant initiatives introduced like Koi Bhooka Na Soye Program, Zarat se Khuraak Tak program, Panagahs, Women Empowerment Centers, etc.

Punjab Government Takes Important Steps To Improve School Performances

The first transgender school opened by Government in Lahore

Foreign Affairs

During the three years of Imran Khan’s government, Pakistan has maintained, for the most part, peaceful foreign relations with the countries. The relations were carried out with mutual respect for each other.

  • Bi-lateral and trade relations with the Eurasian states i.e., Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc.
  • Economic and trade relations with China and Russia saw a new height in the 3 years of the PTI government.
  • Pakistan hosted the 48th OIC conference.
  • PM Imran Khan on behalf of OIC countries presented a resolution against Islamophobia in the United Nations.
  • Raising voice and extended to aid to crisis-ridden countries Afghanistan, Kashmir, Ukraine, Palestine, etc.
  • Giving befitting answers to India’s tactics in a way that avoided escalation and retained peace in the region.

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Development Sector

One of Imran Khan’s government achievements is the advancements made in the development sector. Despite the pandemic, the government continued to keep the textile, manufacturing, and textile sector on track. Several projects have been launched to upgrade the development sector. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project(RRUDP)

It was initiated in 2020 with the purpose to turn Ravi into an everlasting freshwater body. The project after completion is expected to be the world’s largest riverfront. The proposed city is to be constructed on 41,308-hectare.

  • Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Project

The project is aimed at conserving wildlife, and forestry, creating jobs and fostering eco-tourism. 125.1843 billion have been allocated for this project. This initiative also aims to protect nature and keep the climate from deteriorating.

  • Lowest Unemployment Rate

The 3 years of the PTI government have seen many crises may it be the political or economic etc. The biggest challenge was the Covid and with that the rise in the unemployment rate. The whole world faced a decline in the employment rate. However, in a recent survey, Pakistan was reported to have the lowest unemployment rate in the region.

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Imran Khan’s government’s other achievements in this sector are freight trains, Karachi nuclear power plant 2, heritage trail inauguration, Naya Pakistan housing, etc.

Overseas Pakistanis

The vision of Imran Khan is to make a welfare state involved in the contribution of overseas Pakistanis. PM Imran Khan wants to give the overseas Pakistanis a chance to play a bigger role in the progress of the country by granting them the right to vote. This step showed the overseas Pakistani’s importance to the country. Moreover, in the three years of the PTI government, the highest record of remittances collection was achieved.

Overseas Pakistani’s Right To Vote – A Historical Decision

Economic and Technological Sector

PTI’s 3 years of performance can be assessed on the basis of the progress made in the economic and technological sectors. The PTI government put a special focus on making technologically self-sufficient. Some of the important initiatives, programs, and projects are:

  • Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA)
  • Pakistan’s first stent production facility
  • Roshan Digital Account
  • Software zones
  • Semiconductor zones
  • Launch of first Green Bond
  • E-voting machines
  • Creating a conducive environment to boost the start-up ecosystem.

Pak-China Relations – From Friend Zone To Semiconductors Zone

All this in 3 years of PTI government, just imagine what would the Prime Minister Imran Khan would have achieved if he had been given the chance to complete 5 years of government. PTI government’s achievements in these 3 years felt like 30 years. There are many other great things that the PTI government did and one of them is staying a ‘corruption-free’ government. We thank the PM Imran Khan and the PTI government for staying loyal to the country and making efforts to turn Pakistan into a progressive state.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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