The first transgender school opened by Government in Lahore

It is said that the first step is the most difficult one, when it is taken you will reach the destination one day. In recent years, transgender organizations have finally voiced and stood up for their rights. They have equal rights as a citizen.

Transgenders have always been pushed to the corners of society, making them feel left out. It is said that the first step is the most difficult one. When it is taken, you will reach the destination one day. In recent years, transgender organizations have finally voiced and stood up for their rights. They have equal rights as a citizen. The government will open the first school for the transgender community in Lahore, which is the best news of this year.

Role of NADRA

Earlier, Transgenders had no place in society. They had to face humiliation. Just living like a nobody in a society is very painful, where your existence is at stake. NADRA has played an instrumental role in giving people a proper identity. โ€œBe yourself. We will adjust. To be perceived as what you say is your basic right.โ€ In 2021, NADRA gave them their identity rather than juggling them between the normal male or female to choose from. We should appreciate NADRA for starting the campaign โ€œTrans-Rights are Human Rights,โ€ which shows the inclusion of the transgender community. NADRA has so far registered 5626 transgender persons.

Now they have equal opportunities for jobs as well.

Transgender Achievements

Some firsts for transgenders are:

  • 1st transgender school in Multan

Namkeen Sach-1st transgender school in Multan

  • 1st transgender-only madrasa

1st Transgender Madrassa

  • Nisha Rao – 1st transgender lawyer

Nisha Rao-1st Transgender Lawyer

  • A Christian transgender group started its church in Karachi
  • Aisha Mughal- First Transgender to be in the Ministry of Human Rights as UNDP Expert Consultant and lecturer-Recognized as most successful transgender persons in the world for the year 2020 by UN

Aisha Mughal- Expert Consultant UNDP Pakistan

  • Nayyab Ali-Pakistani trans activist recognized as International Activist of the Year 2020 by The Galas Awards

Nayyab Ali-First Transgender Activist

  • Marvia Malik- 1st Transgender News Anchor

Marvia Malik-1st transgender  News Anchor

1st transgender school in South Asia and a Muslim Country

Pakistan has the honor of opening the 1st transgender school in Lahore. NGO Exploring Future Foundation (EFF) stepped into establishing the first school, The Gender Guardian for transgenders that offered training in eight fields, including cooking, fashion designing, and cosmetics.

The Gender Guardian-1st transgender school in South Asia and Muslim Country

Government opens 1st Transgender School in Lahore

If we provide them with resources and equal opportunities, they will contribute to society. The Punjab government has opened the first school for the transgender community in Lahore. This is in Barket Market and would be wholly dedicated to the transgender community.

A similar school has already been opened in Multan as well. As a senior official of the Punjab School Education Department said, “Following instructions of Punjab government, the Lahore District Education Authority is working to open the first-ever transgender school in the provincial capital.”

Punjab Minister for School Education Department Spokesman, Umer Khayam said, โ€œThe Punjab education department is preparing a feasibility plan in connection with a transgender school in Lahore and all the stakeholders on board in this imitative. Work on this project is underway and it will be inaugurated in the coming few weeks.โ€

The school in Lahore will be inaugurated by the end of March. The process to recruit teachers and other staff for the school has started. Admissions will start in the second quarter of the year.

Scholarships For Pakistani Students In The United Kingdom

“Transgender students who have passed 5th and 8th classes will be taught in the school till matriculation in the first phase.” They will provide transgender students with free education, school uniform, books, and transport.

Such initiative by the government will make things better for the transgender and they will be useful members of society. We at Neemopani are proud of the transgender community excelling in their respective fields. We salute them for contributing to society.

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