The Argentinian Family Which Has Been Traveling For 22 Years

A family from Argentina has been traveling for the last 22 years and has ow finally finished their journey.

To travel the world is everyone’s dream. The idea that you can just quit your job and see the entire world – moving from one country to another seems like a dream come true. But it requires a lot of courage because honestly, to spend every week in a different city or a country is not an easy feast. But there is one family who has had the courage to be able to do this. A family from Argentina has been traveling for the last 22 years and has ow finally finished their journey.

The family known as the Zapp family started their journey in the year 2000, and 362,000 kilometers (225,000 miles) and have covered five continents and 102 countries. This weekend on Sunday, they are to arrive back at the Bueno Aires site from where they began their journey.

“I have very mixed feelings. We are ending a dream, or fulfilling a dream,” said Herman. “What will come now? Thousands of changes, thousands of options,” the 53-year-old said, already thinking to sail around the world.

Candelaria — who was just 29-years-old when she started the journey — said the “best discovery was the people they met along the way.” However, the couple had to reroute sometimes due to wars and conflicts.

This family traveled in a 1928 model Graham-Paige car, which was in terrible condition initially and would not even start.

Herman Zapp added that “The seats are not great, nor is the muffler. It does not have air conditioning, either. It is a car that you have to keep your eye on. It does not look comfortable, but it was marvelous.” He added that “It was good in cities, in mud, and on the sand.”

In the course of 22 years, they have changed the tires only 8 times and have had to make a few accommodations for their children.

Their first kid Pampa, now 19, was born in the US, second child Tehue, now 16, was born in Argentina. The third child Paloma who is 14 now, was born in Canada and Wallaby who is 12-year-old now, opened her eyes in Australia. They also adopted a dog named Timon and a cat named Hakuna during their travel to Brazil.

They also had a few difficulties throughout their journey. Herman got Malaria when traveling to Asia, and they also contracted the bird flu and Ebola, and Dengue in Africa.

However, their journey was worth it all because they got to see so many countries – and experience cultures and traditions from around the world. Hats off to this family for having the courage to experience all of this and not giving up on their dreams.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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