Azam Swati-A person of determination

However, he left his US citizenship to serve Pakistan. And this speaks highly of his character because there are people out there who dream about having US citizenship. And yet still, this superhero did not break a sweat when giving it up, considering that he is also an established businessman.

Azam Khan Swati

This is the story of Azam Swati, the man with more determination than perhaps any of us. He is the perfect example of,  Sitaroon say agay Jahan aur bhe hain. Hailing from Mansehra, KPK, Mr. Azam had dual citizenship. He came to the US in 1978 as a lawyer. Mr. Azam is an LLB, LLM, Doctor of Jurisprudence from South Texas Law college (1990). He also passed the bar exam in Texas and became an attorney at Law in Texas.

However, he left his US citizenship to serve Pakistan. And this speaks highly of his character because there are people out there who dream about having US citizenship. And yet still, this superhero did not break a sweat when giving it up, considering that he is also an established businessman. He owns more than 100 convenience stores, restaurants, apartments, and a gas company – Pakoil.

Positions he has held

  • Federal Minister for Railways
  • Member of Senate
  • Minister for Narcotics
  • Minister for Parliamentary Affairs
  • Minister for Science & Tech

He has recently been promoted to Senior Vice President PTI, as well.  We congratulate him on yet another accomplishment.

He is also a member of the following committees:

  • Senate Library Committee
  • Government Assurances
  • Committee on Delegated Legislation
  • Devolution
  • Parliamentary Affairs
  • House Business Advisory Committee
  • Law and Justice

 Achievements under his belt

As Minister of railways, Pakistan Railways has started achieving its goal. Some of the key achievements are as follows:

Revenue generation increased

  • The revenue of Pakistan Railways has increased from Rs 47,587.9 million (2019-20) to Rs 48,651.7 million(2020-21). This is an increase of around Rs 1,063.8 million, which is commendable compared to the loss it has faced in the last few years.
  • Pakistan Railway and PSO have signed an MoU to supply and transport petroleum products. This will help build trust between the two National flag bearers, which will benefit the national economy.

Freight Trains in Pakistan

  • Pakistan railways are looking for revenue generation to overcome the losses of the past few years. The freight train service can be seen as a rescuer in these times. This will transport containers from the South Asia Pakistan Terminal (located at Keamare Groyne Basin) to the rest of the country, generating revenue of six billion rupees annually.
  • The First Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) freight train launched is another feather in the railway’s cap.

Technology Aur Pakistan Railways Saath Saath

  • Azam Swati believes that technology and state affairs go hand in hand. So to implement his vision, Pakistan Railways and Google have joined hands to revolutionize scrapyard management. This would be done by installing the state-of-art Scrapyard Management System powered by Google technologies and implemented by Tech Valley Pakistan. This is a considerable achievement.

 Signing MoUs

  • They have signed an MoU with Tejari Pakistan as a service provider for the E-Procurement System. It will enhance transparency and streamline the process.
  • Under his leadership, Pakistan Railways has also signed an MoU with the Akhuwat foundation to facilitate the low-income employees for interest-free housing.
  • The construction of the Trans Afghan Railway track between Tashkent, Kabul, and Islamabad has been accelerated.
  • A safety track campaign for children has been launched by Pakistan Railways.
  • Idle railway stations to be upgraded for commercial purposes to generate revenue. This will include hostels, hotels, etc.

Upgradation of ML-I (modern dual track) under CPEC

It spans nearly 1,872 km. The estimated cost of expansion and reconstruction is $6.8 billion. There would be computer-based signaling and control system and grade separation to make the railways more efficient. It would be upgraded in three stages:

  • The track between Lala Musa to Lahore, Lahore to Multan, and Nawab Shah to Rohri
  • The track between Lala Musa and Rawalpindi, Nowshera-Peshawar, and Hyderabad Karachi section
  • Upgradation of Multan Khanewal to Sukkur section

Women empowerment

He believes in women‘s empowerment. Society cannot progress if women do not come shoulder to shoulder with their menfolk.

Drug-Free Pakistan

‘Pakistan has been maintaining “Poppy Free Status” since 2001’, but there are threats due to Afghanistan‘s poppy crop. The border is porous, and it is tough to keep track of drug smuggling. He has been proactive in making Pakistan drug-free. As stated by him, “the youth being the country’s ambassador should make their efforts to completely weeding out the menace.” Drug abuse should be eliminated to save the youth of Pakistan. Educational institutes should take strict actions to keep an eye on substance abuse, which is destroying the life of the students. He had always urged educational institutions civil society organizations to create awareness programs for the students. He also propagated that therapists should be hired for student counseling.

Extremism should be dealt with sensibly

He is a strong advocate of peace and does not have space for extremism in his life. Mr. Azam wants nothing more but peace in Pakistan. He is actively working to ensure that everyone in this nation gets it. He wants to liberate the people of this country from the bounds of extremism and is actively working with the government to ensure that acts of barbarism in the face of extremism are eliminated.

We want to thank Mr. Azam for his services to Pakistan. Because of men like him, this country has the guidance it needs to become the Pakistan that our Quaid envisioned.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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