Zindagi Se Shikway – Truck Shayari

Ley kar aye hain apkay liyay zindagi ki kahani – truck drivers ki zubani. What better way to tell you what Pakistan is but to show you this side. People in this country who drive these trucks and rickshaws have an attachment to them.

Bewafa Sanam Say To Cigerette Hi Acha Hai
Jalta Hai Jalata Hai Lab Pe To Aata Hai

Life is a funny thing. Some days are good, and some bad. Kabhi kuch khatta hota hai aur kabhi kuch meetha – but jou bhi ho bus zindagi ka yeh safar chalta hi rehta hai. It is like one of those vehicles running on four wheels. Bus kabhi yeh gaari thori bhari ho jaati hai. Kuch gham aur zindagi ki kasmakash kisi truck sey kam nahien lagti. Shayad isi liye aksar trucks par miltay hain humain kuch alfaz. Wo alfaz jo humain batatay hain kay zindagi hoti kya hai.

Kya hua hai apkay sath kabhi aisay? Kay ja rahay hoon ap pareshanion mein bandhay huay. Pareshan aur tanha. Aur milay apko sarkon per traffic. Aur us hi dauran nazar paray apki aik truck per. Jis per bani ho aik aurat burkay main. Apkou sirf uski ankhain nazar ati hain kajal wali magar jo uskay neechay likha hota hai. Kabhi kabhi insaan kay liye wohi kafi hota hai.

Aik buray din kou acha bananay kay liyay.
Chehray per muskhurat lanay kay liyay.

‘In God We Trust’ – as we should. At the end of the day, it is Him that has the power to make it all go away. It is nothing short of a miracle in itself that we find quotes like these; the motivating, yet funny lines in times when we have given up?

The universe works funnily. It conspires to show us hope where we least expect it. It doesn’t always have to be about life and death situations. It can also be about the mundane things in life. So we sat down and thought about the best way to inspire and motivate them.

What better way than to use the poetic verses written on the back of trucks and rickshaws? Kyun kay,

hum yaar hain tumharay
dil daar hain tumharay

Ley kar ae hain apkay liyay zindagi ki kahani – truck drivers ki zubani. What better way to tell you what Pakistan is but to show you this side. People in this country who drive these trucks and rickshaws have an attachment to them. It is not only a source of income for them but also their loves and the loss of their loves too. Kyun kay kehtay hain na

Maalik Ki Gaari, Driver Ka Paseena
Chalti Hai Road Par, Ban Kar Haseena

Why is it when every time life gets tough – when you need a shoulder to cry on; the one that you love, and think you can count on, leaves you disappointed, and then you have no option but to make the best out of your situation. Kyun kay pata tou chalta hai insan ka jab aazma lein ap unko.

Ghareeb hoon mein, Qismat aazma raha hun.
eik bewafa k liye, raksha chala rha hun

Bus yehi hota hai. Chorr jatay hain aur hum amma humari duain karti hain, aur abba humaray harmonium bajatya hain humara.

Maa ki dua, janat ki hawa!
Baap ki dua, jaa beta raksha chala!

But then when it comes to this hope – the hope that the one you love will someone come back to you; that they will realize that the love that you two had was everlasting, and you can’t help but whisper or in this case write on the back of your truck ‘Laila! Kash tum aazad umeed-war aur mein jahangir tareen hota’

But then, unfortunately, she leaves. Always. And when she does, these people never give up. They find a way to pick themselves up again and inspire the world yet still, kyun kay ‘Ae Eagle tujhay qasam hay himmat na harna, jaisi bhi fizaen ayien hans k fly karna’.

However, we must not forget that they too are humans. They have emotions and coping methods, like all of us do. Sometimes it goes something like the following:

Lub pe aati hay dua ban ke tamanna meri
GT road ho khali or raftaar ho toofani meri

And sometimes,

Meray mazhab mein sharab peena haram hai
Is hi liyay teri judai mein lassi pee raha hoon

But kya karain?

Kabhi kabhi jou chalay jatay woh itna nahien satatay balkay jo reh jaatay hain woh baar baar zikar kar kay agay hi nahien bharnay detay. Jab aisay ho tou banda kya karay siwaye iskay kay

Maar gai us ki judai
Mein seedha chala pirwadai

But, in all honesty, jokes apart – all of us must try to be understanding of people. We must try to have that level of empathy through which we can put ourselves in the shoes of others and understand their perspective of things. No two of us are ever alike, and yet we all feel the same emotions. We all go through the troubles of life and have things – monsters that we can’t speak of. So, it falls on us all of us to be kind, and considerate to each other. To make sure we don’t hurt anyone consciously through our actions or words.

Kyun kay agar hum ye karain gay tou truck drivers apnay trucks per phir kuch aisay hi likhain gay; ‘Kabhi Side Say Ati Ho Kabhi Peechay Say Ati Ho – Meri Jaan Horn Day Day Kar Mujhay Tum Kyun Satatay Ho’

Tou mat satao na. Insaan hi tou hain sab. Aik hi dil hai jo dharakta hai, aur aik hi jaan hai jo kabhi ati jati rehti hai. Tou jab woh chali jaye – jab zindagi thori si tham si jaye – tou mil kay rehtay hain?

Kuch apni sunatay hain. Kuch unki suntay hain. Thori khushian bant’tay hain, Khud bhi jeetay hain, dusron kou bhi jeenay detay hain.

Poetry on the back of trucks.

And as we end it – let’s vow to respect everyone, especially these people. You cannot deny the fact that these people are some of the most hardworking people. In all conditions, they tend to put their blood and sweat into their work and make sure that when they go home, their kids are happy. They work tirelessly to make sure that their kids have all that they hoped for and more.

And it is to them that we dedicate these lines:

farigh dil …qatil haseena!
diesel ka dhuan …saaf paseena!

Office Nahi Jaunga – Sardi Mein KAMBAL, Kaam Aur Uthnay Ki Jang!

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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