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    Pakistan Pavilion Grabs BURJ CEO Award For ‘Best Pavilion Exterior Design’

    Rashid said that they gave him the goal of transforming architecture into artwork. He drew inspiration from the diversity of Pakistan. “The pavilion offers diversities of geographics, climate, culture and the transition between colors amplifies the diversity and, highlights the South Asian nation as a prime destination for the opportunity and unique experiences.”  

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    Worlds’ Fastest Speedboat in Hunza

    For the ones who take extra pleasure in roaming the waters of a lake on a speedboat, there is some great news for you. The world’s fastest boat has arrived in Pakistan, and it has already piqued the interest of foreign investors. Boat tours will never be the same with the advent of this speedboat.

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    Japanese Man Mistook Orangi Town as a Tourist Spot

    There seems to be a trend of these hopelessly positive misguided foreigners thinking that a certain crime-ridden area is a tourist spot. Only last year, we had a genius from China who reached the area, “Katti Paharhi”, deeming it worthy of tourism. We might forgive that tourist for his completely honest mistake.

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    Gilgit Baltistan Becoming a World Winter Sports Destination

    Only recently in 2021, Winter Sports Festival was held in the snow-shrouded peaks of Northern Pakistan. The festival proved to be a gathering point of thousands of skiers, snowboarders, and lovers of winter sports. It attracted not just the local athletes but the foreign ones too. A large number of tourists were a part of it, enjoying the sports along with the numerous luxuries like shopping, live music, and bonfires. The key highlights of the festival were the two major sports events. One of them was held in Naltar, the beautiful winter resort of Gilgit Baltistan.

  • Pakistani Tourism
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    Ayein Pakistan Ayein – Pakistan Tourism Growing

    The flora and fauna of Pakistan have always attracted tourists, the complete beauty is yet untapped with a lot of tourism potential. We are known for our hospitality. Since the last few years, it has become a travel destination with international tourists pouring in to see what makes Pakistan so unique? From the eco-tourism village to the Kartarpura Corridor, Pakistan has opened up to the world welcoming them to see its cultural and religious heritage.