5 places you should definitely visit in Pakistan during winters

Winters doesn’t necessarily mean cozy bed and fire place, but it can also mean a beauty vacation in the north. Here are some of the top destinations to visit and make the most of this winter season.

The majority of people become enthusiastic when they think of summer because their travel plans inspire them to imagine enjoyable activities they may enjoy while avoiding the sun. On the other hand, for the majority of these people, winters are a scourge. The only images that come to mind when they think of winters are idleness, freezing feet, and a life spent indoors.

What if we told you this wasn’t the case?
There are many places you can visit and get the most of the winter season.

Hunza Valley:

The hilly valley of Hunza is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan area and is popularly referred to as “Paradise on Earth.”
It is located in Pakistan’s far northern region. The major town of Hunza, Karimabad, is a well-liked tourist destination. Hunza’s inhabitants are renowned for their kindness and hospitality in addition to their natural beauty.

By hiking the beautiful mountains, you may take care of your vision. Baltit Fort and Borith Lake are the primary tourist destinations. This is not all, their traditional cuisine includes Sharbat, Diram-fete and Muleda and these can actually make your trip more memorable.


In Pakistan, Swat is referred to as “mini Switzerland.”
The valley is rich of natural beauty, and with its lovely meadows, mountains, waterfalls, and crystal-clear lakes, it may be the ideal place to unwind while on vacation.

Who does not like to spend their cold nights in the cozy resorts there? A visit to Mallam jaba and engaging in “Skiing” can double your pleasure.

Kalash Valley:

The distinctive culture and tradition of the Kalash Valley are well-known.

This valley in the Chitral region is well-known across the world for its beauty as well as the distinct customs and religion its residents practise.

All tourists should visit this region because of the long, embroidered garments worn by the Kalash ladies and because of their culture. Whether you’re a history buff or a wanderer, a trip to Kalash valley will not only calm your mind but also provide you the chance to live the unusual lifestyle that all travellers wish to experience.

In the winter, do the Kalash celebrate the Joshi Festival? Why don’t you go see this valley for yourself to appreciate its beauty?

Gorakh Hills:

Who says Sindh is nowhere to go during the winter holidays?

Sindh has a hill station of its own, and everyone should go to Dadu and walk the trip there.
The hill station is nonetheless beautiful even though it doesn’t get as much snow as Murree or other hill stations in the nation.

It does become colder than zero in the night.
Gorakh Hill, often known as the “Murree of Sindh,” is a site that few people visit but that everyone recommends after going there.


Now, Murree doesn’t need an introduction; it’s arguably the most popular vacation destination in our nation.

Everyone, from adults to children, like visiting this mountainous location once or twice a year for their holidays, although most people prefer to go there in the summer. However, few people are aware that Murree is much more beautiful in the winter.

The significant snowfall makes your winter trips more enjoyable.

The most populated regions of Murree Hills include Changla Gali, Dunga Gali, Bara Gali, Pindi Point, Patriata, and the famous Mall Road.

The marketplaces in Murree are a huge attraction for tourists because they can enjoy the scenic beauty and shop at the same time.



Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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