Foods you must Try in 2023- Pakistan Edition

You must try some of the exotic cuisines.

Winters are almost over and spring has taken over. It is the best time to travel around and to have some exotic nosh to munch on. Neemopani has bought you some best foods you must try in Pakistan in 2023 while you are travelling around. Pakistan is the land of beauty as well as the land of the best foods. We have the perfect list that you can try while you are exploring the northern side of Pakistan. Bring you the food you must try in 2023- Pakistan Edition.


Warjilli is a special dish that is made in winter in Swat. It is made of a special kind of rice and spinach which is then variegated with ‘desi ghee’. This vibrant dish, bursting with flavour and good-for-you ingredients, enhances any formal event that you are celebrating. The aroma that wafts from this exotic dish is enough to captivate all your senses.

best foods in pakistan you must try in 2023


Shilli is a tasteful crepe-sort delicacy that is made in the tribal belt of Pakistan, Kurram Agency. it is made of a particular kind of rice that is a bit bigger and thicker than normal rice. Warjilli has exactly the same rice used in their dish. Shilli is only available when it is winter but you can enjoy it in the spring as well. So next time you happen to go to Kurram Agency, don’t forget to ask about this. No doubt one of the Best Foods you must Try in Pakistan in 2023.


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In the series of food, you must try in 2023 – Pakistan Edition, we bring you, Balay. The cuisines of Skardu Valley are unique in taste and texture as they are entirely made from locally available ingredients. Many dishes are prepared from scratch by the locals who prefer foods consisting of meat or bread. One of those dishes is Balay. Balay is a thick, gravy-like soup made up of gummy homemade noodles mixed with bits of goat meat and immersed in a hearty goat meat broth. It is served at the beginning of a traditional Baltistan meal in Skardu Valley.


Chapli Kebab

Chapli kabab is a speciality of Pukhtun Cuisine, the food of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a province of Pakistan. These chapli kebabs are also called Peshawari kebabs named after Peshawar, the capital city in the same province. Chapli Kebab is available all around the seasons, you just have to visit Peshawar for some authentic taste. Make sure you have it from the Kissa Khowani Bazar, they have some of the best Kebab shops there.

Gajjar Ka Halwa

It will be unfair not to mention Gajjar Ka Halwa. Gajjar Ka Halwa is one of most favourite dishes that we have in winter. The essential ingredients used in preparing gajjar ka halwa are聽carrots, milk, ghee and nuts. All these ingredients are loaded with proteins, vitamins, calcium and magnesium that are building blocks for good health. You can easily get it from any bakery in Pakistan but we strongly recommend it to have anywhere in Punjab. It is something that Punajb specializes in.

Gajjer ka halwa


The majority of the meals聽in Skardu聽are cooked completely from locally sourced products, with many components of the recipe created from scratch by the families. Balti cuisine is readily noticeable as distinct from meals in Pakistan’s lowlands and river basins. another famous delicacy from Skardu is Prapu.聽Prapu is a noodle dish that has been thickened with ground almonds. The noodles are created by hand from wheat flour and simmered till tender. When they’re done, they’re smeared with a thick paste made of powdered walnuts and squeezed apricot oil, and the entire thing is seasoned with fresh herbs.

best food to try in pakistan in 2023


This list does not even begin to scratch the surface of the options available in Pakistan. But make 2023 the year of feasting, and eat everything you can find. Please tell us about a meal that you know and that is well-known in your area.





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