New Year Resolutions From Team Neemopani

Every year on New Year’s Eve, people sit down with their friends and family and talk about all they want to do in the New Year.

new year 2022
New year 2022 and old year 2021 on sandy beach with waves

Every year on New Year’s Eve, people sit down with their friends and family and talk about all they want to do in the New Year 2022. These are all the little hopes that people have for their New Year. But in all honesty, the start of the New Year is a beautiful time for everyone. It is when people feel inspired and motivated to do things and turn their lives around.

Your New Year 2022 resolution can be anything!

We at Neemopani sat down over a period of several meetings and countless chai’s and coffee’s and finally decided to ask all of our employees their resolutions for 2022. We got a lot of them!

  1. I will try to be a better cook (hhmm sure)
  2. I will give all of my pay to my mother (read most of it)
  3. I will write my comedy set (about time)
  4. I will start to give good gifts (bohut zaroori hai)
  5. I will not overburden my employees with work (ye bhi bohut zaroori hai)
  6. I will be a good friend (read a decent human being)
  7. I will not make as many fart jokes as I do now (kabhi khushi kabhi bomb)
  8. I will be a serious, mature person (zindagi main)
  9. I will go to the northern areas for a week (ghar ki yaad satavey?)
  10. I will try to take a bath at least once a week in winters (please aik dafa to laazmi)
  11. I will travel the world (hopefully yes)
  12. I will try not to steal my sibling’s clothes (they wish, really they do)
  13. I will go to the gym (we will make you)
  14. I will get a proper diet plan (humaray saath bhi share kerlena please)
  15. I will stop talking dirty (bari sakht zaroorat hai iski)
  16. I will stop swearing (otherwise we do have a swear jar)
  17. I will start sleeping early (sounds like a plan)
  18. I will come to work on time (remember its per day)
  19. I will stop eating junk food (read I need to diet)
  20. I will not dye my hair after every minor inconvenience (is that even necessary?)
  21. I will stop spending so much on funky socks (good on you)
  22. I will try not to be friends with mean people (they are called best friends)
  23. I will try to be more approachable (the world appreciates)
  24. I will not be a party animal (the world will surely appreciate this more)
  25. I will try to go to Korea for the BTS concert (hopefully South)

These are all the resolutions that people from the Neemopani team have announced. Did you also have a resolution from the list?

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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