LRBT – Free Eye Care For All!

This is where organizations like LRBT come in – an NGO with the purpose to provide eye care completely free.


LRBT – Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust is an NGO based in Pakistan, with one mission. To provide eye care to the people of Pakistan and help them in all and every way that they can. The elite class in some ways has the means to take care of themselves but it is the lower middle class that has trouble in trying to find the means to provide basic health care. This is where organizations like LRBT come in – an NGO with the purpose to provide eye care completely free.

The key facts about the prevailing situation on preventable blindness and notable achievements by LRBT are:

  1. They have to raise Rs. 1.8 billion to continue our free treatment of millions of eye patients who flock to our 82 facilities which cover around 70% of Pakistan’s poor population. The task itself is very huge.
  2. 12% of our population or 26 million poor people suffer from blindness and impaired vision. They live a life of darkness with no hope for the future. 90% of them can be cured but they just cannot afford the treatment. Further, if they are not treated in time, their vision will be lost forever.
  3. LRBT is the largest eye care network in the country and the only safety net for these poor eye patients where they obtain high-quality treatment entirely free of cost.
  4. Since its inception in 1985, LRBT through its network of 19 hospitals and 63 eye clinics, has treated over 49 million patients and performed over 4.8 million surgeries absolutely free. LRBT is the major provider of eye care in the country totally free for the poor. LRBT impacts & improves the lives of more patients than any NGO in the country.
  5. On any given day we have approx. 9,000 patients in OPD and performing 1,000 surgeries daily. Over 3 million patients are expected to visit our facility in the forthcoming year of which 300,000 will require surgery.

Over the years, they have had 49 million people and given them the chance to improve their eyesight and give them the chance to see the world. To witness the beauty of Earth, and the chirping of the birds and really everything is beautiful in this world.

The owners of LRBT have one mission, and the dedication that they have shown gives us all hope that there are indeed good people in the world who wants to help others out of the goodness of their hearts.

With this so many people of Pakistan will be able to see – their children, their families, and more than that – will be able to earn. They will be able to chase after their dreams, do what inspires and motivates them. This NGO believes in helping humanity, and showing them the world.

If you also want to be a part of this mission, and play your due in giving sight to see many people in Pakistan then go to the LRBT website and donate online or give Zakat.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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