It’s that season in Pakistan – So we compiled a list of wedding dance songs for you!

It’s the season to enjoy delicious food, dressing up and most importantly getting the whole squad together and your dancing shoes on to dance like there is no tomorrow.

Every Pakistani wedding season is louder and crazier than the last one and as winters approach, the shaadi season begins with a bang. It’s the season to enjoy delicious food, dressing up and most importantly getting the whole squad together, compile the perfect wedding dance songs and dance like there is no tomorrow. Since Pakistani weddings are an elaborate affair, glamorous, and totally fun-filled, anything less than an upbeat ‘Dhol’ playing in the background is simply unjustified.

We’ve compiled a playlist for you to set the mood for this year’s wedding dance season:

  1. Gagar – Umair Jaswal:

Umair Jaswal’s remix to this evergreen song from the 90’s is the best addition to your dance playlist this season. The upbeat version is super addictive that it makes everyone step up and dance. It will also get the uncles and aunties moving as the song will be relatable to their jawani ke din. The perfect wedding dance song to get the whole event grooving.

  1. Billo – RDB – Parchi:

The track will never get old. This Punjabi number will definitely be a hit among your guests this wedding season. Billo Hai from the movie Parchi has dynamic, fun vibes which will make everyone step on the dance floor and dance like no one’s watching. Even your shy cousins won’t be able to resist the beat of this festive song!

3. Desi Thumka – Nouman Khalid:

This shaadi season, bring back the hits from the past with Desi Thumka by Nouman Khalid. This track captures the essence of desi culture, social media as well as admires girls in a very nice way. More so, it is so cheerful that all dance moves compliment the track if they are upbeat too. Indeed, it brings out the ‘Bhangra’ from within and makes you dance to the core. Desi Thumka is still the hit wedding dance song for 2021.

  1. Larsha Pekhawar – Ali Zafar ft. Gul Panra & Fortitude Pukhtoon Core:

Tie your ribbons or napkins to your fingers and groove in some traditional Pashtun moves for this track. The upbeat version sung by Ali Zafar and Gul Panra is perfect to get an entire squad to dance together. The video itself showcases some exceptional moves that you can copy and impress the larki/larke wale. This track will add a spark of tradition to your wedding playlist.

  1. Dharak Bharak – Superstar – Shiraz Uppal:

This track is the ultimate boy gang mehndi dance song that the groom can perform with his friends to stun everyone. Cool dance steps with groovy tunes; this number, from the movie Superstar, is a hit in getting everyone moving and a great fusion of desi dhol beats with electrifying guitar notes. Gather your boys and rock the dance floor with this wedding dance track.

  1. Haye Dil Bechara – Parey Hut Love – Jimmy Khan:

Musical and appealing, this famous wedding dance song from the film Parey Hut Love is an ideal hit for your mehndis and shendis. It has a passionate allure with a beat that is neither too quick nor slow. The plus point of this track is that the choreography has been done for you. Yup, just learn the steps from the music video and you have a hit performance for the event.

  1. Shakkar Wandaan Re – Ho Mann Jahaan – Asrar

This song is probably still being played and dance to at most weddings as it has one of the most iconic steps almost everyone learnt.  Prepare your boy gang for this ultimate track and woo all the girls at the wedding. *wink wink*

  1. Munday Lahore De – Load Wedding

The most colourful song to come out of Nabeel Qureshi’s , Load Wedding’s ‘Munday Lahore De’ is for the true Punjabis at heart. Get your props ready such as dafli and dandiya and unleash the bhangra performance on this number from Load Wedding.

  1. Sassi – Asim Azhar

This is the melody of love and romance.  The track was brought together for Asim Jofa’s designer lawn collection but has invaded our playlists ever since its release. Grab a partner for this song and amaze everyone at the wedding with subtle moves which have been choreographed for you in the music video aswell. Such plus points of Pakistani wedding songs am I right?  

Now that you have ideas for your dance numbers this wedding season, Team Neemopani will be waiting for shaadi invites.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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