Winter Room Makeover – Yes it needs one

We are talking about soup, hot cocoa, moongphalis, Kashmiri chai, warm sweaters and long nights. Yes! winter is coming

winter season

The much-anticipated season of the year is here. We are talking about soup, hot cocoa, moongphalis, Kashmiri chai, warm sweaters and long nights. Yes! winter season is coming. The transition from autumn to winter means it’s time to bring out your comfy sweaters, scarves and mittens. It’s a time for snuggling up with a warm blanket, a good book, and coffee. And if books and coffee aren’t your thing, it’s really all about being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of a warm and cozy home.

It’s almost hibernation season but are your rooms ready? It’s time for the bedroom to transition from the bright colourful palette of Spring and Summer to something decidedly cosier and more neutral for Winter. Your bed also deserves a seasonal makeover.

Fall nights call for MORE LAYERS! And what if those extra layers were not only for warmth but also added to your bedroom design as well? Win-win situation, right?

Fitted Sheets give your bed the perfect foundation to start layering your bed. Designer prints, comfortable fabric and the perfect fit will ensure a hassle-free slumber for the season to come and give your bed a cozy look and feel.

To add more comfort and versatility, you can also place a flat sheet over your fitted sheet or leave it as is. The ball is in your court.

A simple, yet effective option is to layer on a cosy quilt or coverlet for extra warmth on colder nights. The right blanket also makes a nice finishing statement of visual style when used as a top layer, or makes a nice addition when simply folded as an accessory at the foot of your bed.

To achieve the perfect cannot-get-out-of-bed cosy touch, consider adding a throw on top of your bed. For a more casual feel, you may opt for a naturally thrown look. Or You could also drape it on your couch or any other corner space for a more casual feel.

winter seasons

And the final touch, let’s not neglect the beauty in a dim ambiance for a perfect let-me-hibernate aura. Fairy lights and scented candles are your best friend in the winters. Light up some lights on the back of your bed and add candles to your night stand or console for that subtle look and avoid harsh lights.


You are all set to binge watch your favorite Tv shows under your comfy layers in a dimly lit up room. Also do not forget to keep those ‘joshandas’ nearby (we all know its that season too)!

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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