Ali Azmat Is Back With A Bang – Haq Allah!

Kashmir Beat is a platform, which allows our stars to sing. This is the second season and they are not coming slow.

Ali Azmat is one of the well-known artists, who has ruled our hearts for years. He is vicious, bold, and just strikingly amazing. He knows how to deliver songs perfectly. And Shani Arshad is no less. But the real credit goes to Kashmir Beats for bringing together these two artists and giving us a deep, and meaningful song that we can only vibe to but also feel and manifest.

Kashmir Beat is a platform, which allows our stars to sing. This is the second season and they are not coming slow. With the amazing line-up that they have, we are sure that it will be a superhit. But for now, let’s talk about Ali Azmat and Shani Arshad and their amazing song Haq Allah.

The name of the song itself suggests everything – Haq Allah; the song is about the inner demons of a person, and how at times they can let go of their hearts run wild with things that are of no consequences.

The song explains how fragile human beings are, and the mortality that renders our future completely uncertain. And so, because of this – of the uncertainty of our future, why we don’t need to be aggressive and angry or let our egos get the best of us because at the end of the day, we are all human beings – who share the same emotions.


It is one of the most important emotions that a human being has because it gives us the ability to sit and reflect on the other person and understand their perspective. It gives us the power to be compassionate and understanding, and realize that the other person to goes through the same things that we do.

The video of the song is just as phenomenal as the song itself. With amazing cinematography and art direction, anyone would be tempted to watch the video while listening to this song.

We all know how amazing Ali Azmat is. There is no doubt about his amazing vocals and the way he delivers his songs, but what is even interesting is to see Shani Arshad – a name most of us did not know before this song.

He is not only a singer but also a Pakistani film music director. He also sang the OST for the infamous Aye Muhkt-e-Khak, and we all know how amazing it was.

All in all, Kashmir Beats is amazing, and even more interesting is the fact that we get to enjoy Coke Studio and Kashmir Beats all at the same time. With this initiative, we get to see the best of Pakistan and let the world know of the talent and will that Pakistanis have. Pakistan Zindabad!

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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