Will Wednesday Season 2 return to Netflix?

“Wednesday” is a dark, gripping murder mystery presented beautifully through Burton’s gothic vision and style, anchored by Ortega’s captivating performance, which further cements her place as one of the industry’s top up-and-coming actors.

Even though the blockbuster hit series recently released its first season on November 23, Forbes’ Paul Tassi claims that it is unlikely to be revived for a second season. This season is viewed not only in Pakistan but in outer zones as well. The first reason for this is that the rights to the series are not wholly Netflix’s, as the picture is an MGM production. Second, Amazon and MGM announced an $8.5 million merger in March 2022. According to the aforementioned report, Amazon indicated at the time of the arrangement that it had no intention of making all MGM programming exclusive to Prime Video, but that may have changed after the show’s popularity.

This season gained plenty of views after ‘Stranger Things’, which indeed is a very surprising thing. Because Stranger things were the most-watched season for 2022.

According to Forbes, two things may be happening behind the scenes right now, which would also illustrate why Netflix is taking its time announcing a second season for Wednesday. Given that Prime Video and Netflix are direct rivals, the first option may include Amazon canceling its arrangement with Netflix and instead distributing the forthcoming seasons on its own service.

Another alternative reason is likely to be that Amazon requires a huge sum of money from Netflix in order to keep Wednesday on the same streaming service, which seems improbable, but the show’s strong popularity might possibly influence the decision, according to Forbes.

The production house may also make some concessions and terminate its contract with Amazon or may want additional money, but nothing is guaranteed until an official announcement is issued by either of the parties. Finally, Forbes adds that no one understands what’s transpiring behind the scenes, but all will be revealed soon after the renewal decision has been made.

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