When is Grand Theft Auto 6 Being Released? Here are all the Exciting Details

Everything that has been uncovered thus far regarding GTA 6’s release date and gameplay rumours is detailed here.

When is Grand Theft Auto 6 Being Released? Here are all the Exciting Details
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Although there is no official confirmation, leaked information has led to Microsoft stating in a court file that Grand Theft Auto 6 “is expected” to be released in 2024, thus it seems safe to assume that this prediction is accurate.

GTA 6’s early gameplay video and bits of source code have recently been leaked online. An unidentified third party gained access to Rockstar’s systems and downloaded data, including open-world game footage under production, according to a statement posted by Rockstar on Twitter. The game makers indicate in their official statement that they don’t expect this leak to affect their long-term projects or disrupt their live service games.

A user named Tez2 on the GTA forums claims that Rockstar has repeatedly postponed releasing the next Grand Theft Auto game until the holidays in 2024. It may be delayed until early 2025, which is really unfortunate, as we are anxiously looking forward to the new installment.

Rockstar has declared in a statement that development on “the next Grand Theft Auto” would continue as planned despite the enormous setback caused by a leaked game video. The team also promises supporters that they “will update everyone again soon and, of course, will properly introduce you to this next game when it is ready.”

When asked about the status of GTA 6, Rockstar released this statement in a community update on February 4th,2023: “Active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway”. Nothing less than anything “special” may be expected to come.

The leaked gameplay from GTA 6 doesn’t look that different from GTA 5. Vehicles that may be driven include automobiles, boats, and the Metro, which transports players across the city. The autos also appear to include controls for adjusting the driver’s seat and steering wheel.

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