NASA says ‘concerning’ asteroid will pass by Earth in the next weeks

4660 Nereus has already passed by Earth before.

Digital Composite, view from space

According to NASA, a ‘concerning’ asteroid, more significant than a Nuke, is heading towards Earth and should arrive by late December. The asteroid is named 4660 Nereus and is expected to pass by a distance of more than 4.5 million kilometers.

Now, for most of us who barely passed our math and were bored out of our minds in our science classes, the distance between Earth and Moon is around 384,000 km. This is just the twelfth distance between Earth and 4660 Nereus.

But I want to ask NASA, does this asteroid really affect us? I mean, could it perhaps be like it is in movies when the world is ending. Everyone is at their dooms, and then that one particularly hot guy takes it upon himself to save the world as a whole. If it is something like that, I would have to make a few plans, tell a few people I don’t like, and what I don’t like about them.

concerning 4660 Nereus

This could be a déjà vu type of thing on the 27th of December because 4660 Nereus has already passed by Earth before. But all in all, this is the only major expected event till the year 2028, when a giant asteroid will supposedly hit Earth.

I did a little research, and I found out what NASA says about if 4660 Nereus hits Earth. According to the experts at NASA, it is impossible to describe this asteroid’s impact if it were to hit Earth. Still, it is being compared to the last asteroid struck in 2013 in Russia.

There were not a lot of casualties of that asteroid. Still, at the same time, the impact on the environment and its area was vast and destructive. All in all, we hope that the asteroid passes by without any trouble so that the Neemopani team can sit on the rooftop, with a glass of neemopani in their hands, and feel that the fervors of having escaped a potential big bang. But that’s just my theory!

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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