Dear December – The Month of True Season Change?

Remember when Abrar ul Haq sang bheega bheega sa yeh December hai? Yeah, we ain’t feeling that this year.

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How many of us remember December as the month of a sudden influx of relatives from all over the country followed by an extended trip to Murree which mostly ended in half the uncles being angry over things that didn’t concern them at all or aunties buying the things, they didn’t need at all and things they could buy for half the price from back home: souvenirs. But those were all beautiful times. We looked forward to seeing all the chaos and drama ensue, we actually enjoyed it. That not-so-authentic cup of coffee from mall road that was an eagerly awaited anticipation of children and mothers would happily allow it because apparently, it was “December ki thand.” And then there were teenage cousins held in a constant swoon over Abrar-Ul-Haq’sbheega bheega sa ye December hai” for absolutely no reason. I don’t think any of us realized back then that December doesn’t have to be forcefully sad and gloomy, neither does it have to be about endings or beginnings: it’s a month of true season change. With the past two years being tough on us, we think we have learnt, better to not waste a second of our time now.

With the first December of a new decade upon us, we have a lot to figure out, plan and put behind us. And here’s to hoping it brings us closer to the true spirit of this immensely beautiful and poetic month and to hoping that we welcome every month of the coming year with the same high and positive spirit. We, here at Neemopani plan to do a few things that would enable us to make the most of this December in its true sense. We intend to take a trip to Murree for that “not so authentic cup of coffee” from a roadside café. Occasionally we intend to enjoy the cold chilly night outs with friends and yeah! food. Who wouldn’t be excited about the amazing comfort food that comes along with winters?

Neemopani loves seeing the spirit of holidays and the new year in full swing everywhere. People are planning trips as the holidays approach. Children are happy and eagerly waiting not to have to go to school. Girls are happy to have the freedom of wearing make-up without worrying about sweating, and having the freedom to wear furry coats and layers of pretty clothes. Some of us can’t wait to have bowls and bowls of soup from some random thela wala, because what else would help you fight out the bitter cold? Socks are suddenly disappearing under mysterious circumstances leaving us with a pile of single socks, that no one has any idea what to do with? The coziness of beds and movie nights are almost upon us. Neemos love all of this.

Neemopani suggests taking your time with all these things and really cherishing them. Because who knows when the next December comes, a lot would have changed. You could be fitting into a new relationship, a new job or you could be saying goodbye to another constant of your life. Regardless of what it brings, you should be able to make yourself appreciate all of it with positivity. Because the days of December being “bheega” are over.

What are you expecting this December to be like? Share with us!

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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