Miracles Happening for Turkey-Syrian Earthquake Survivors

Even after more than 100 hours, rescuers are still working nonstop to find and save any remaining victims which are coming out as a result of miracles.

Miracles happening for earthquake survivors
Miracles happening for earthquake survivors

Miracles happening for Turkey-Syrian Earthquake survivors which are somehow really hard to believe will definitely amaze you. The deadly earthquake did take soo many lives away but did miracles for the quake survivors.

A mysterious thing happened where a person in white feeds a child stuck under the rubble for over 5 days!

When questioned how he didn’t feel hungry or thirsty when he was stranded under the debris for five days, a young boy of five years old described the experience which is hard to believe. He responded by saying, “Someone dressed in all white would visit me periodically to either feed me or give me water.”

People on the internet are jumping to the conclusion that the toddler received aid from angels after the discovery went viral.

An anonymous Pakistani individual gave $30 million to help the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

A Pakistani businessman who did not wish to expose his identity visited the Turkish embassy in the United States and made a generous donation of thirty million dollars to aid those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif tweeted his admiration for a mysterious Pakistani businessman who had contributed $30 million to aid earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

He further continued to say, ”These selfless deeds help mankind overcome apparently insurmountable obstacles.”

A miracle baby was found under the rubble after 128 hours!

Yesterday, a two-month-old infant was pulled from the wreckage in Hatay, Turkey, to cheers from onlookers. Nearly 128 hours after the earthquake, the youngster was located safe and well, which is nothing short of a miracle in and of itself.

Cold weather has added to the anguish of the millions who are in need of relief, but it hasn’t stopped thousands of rescue personnel from searching through destroyed neighborhoods.

Among those miracles who were rescued five days after the quake are a two-year-old girl, a six-month pregnant woman, and a 70-year-old woman, Turkish media reported.

Miracles happening for Turkey-Syrian Earthquake survivors are the only things that are keeping the hopes high for the Turkish and Syrian people at this moment. Many more miracles did occur that is indeed hard to believe.

Let us just say our prayers and keep our fingers crossed that God will work many more miracles.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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