Turkish Chef Cries Over Quake Apocalypse!

A famous Turkish chef and celebrity broke down in tears after hearing about the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria.

Turkish Chef cries over the earth quake
Turkish Chef cries over the earth quake

Turkish celebrity and famous cook, known as CZN Burak donates food and asks for donations from those affected by the recent earthquake. He cried over it in a video he tweeted, and Pakistanis cannot just take it.

Burak Ozdemir, The Turkish chef better known by his internet handle CZN Burak, is a famous chef in Turkey and an internet celebrity. He broke down in tears while speaking about the devastation caused by the earthquake in Turkey and pleaded with people for assistance.

The celebrity chef has also disclosed that he plans to assist the provinces that have been impacted by the 7.7-magnitude earthquake that was centered in Kahramanmara┼č.

A CZN filled with feeling Burak, who was born in Hatay in 1996, made a video in which he visited the damaged areas of his hometown and asked for people’s assistance. He then uploaded the video to his various social media accounts.
Burak made the announcement that he had made arrangements for trucks to carry aid supplies to the areas that were affected.

Pakistani people are sad and heartbroken after seeing him crying. This indeed is so disturbing and hurtful to see. Never had we imagined to see him crying.
It was possible to see him in videos posted to his social media accounts rolling up his sleeves and delivering food supplies and other necessities from his restaurant to areas that had been impacted by the earthquake.

In such a difficult time, we all are with Turkey and Syria and we support them.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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