Best desserts in Islamabad that are worth trying

From cakes to trifles or kheer to faloodas, a dessert is a must after a good, heavy meal.

Sweet tooth has no age which is why desserts in Islamabad are a huge hype and for all the right reasons. Whether you’re a little child or an elderly, craving for desserts has no bounds. From cakes to trifles or kheer to faloodas, a dessert is a must after a good, heavy meal. We have listed the best desserts in Islamabad that are definitely worth trying.

  1. Molten Lava Cake from Chaaye Khana:

Molten lava cake served with vanilla ice-cream from Chaaye Khana is hands down the best lava cake in the capital. The entire excitement while inserting the spoon into the soft centre hoping for a surprise is all worth it. The serving is hot and tempting leaving your sweet tooth a 100% satisfied.

Molten Lava cake by ChaiKhana

  1. Chocolate skillet brownie by Tuscany Courtyard:

Tuscany Courtyard’s chocolaty delight that has patrons going back for seconds and even thirds is the chocolate skillet brownie. It’s a traditional brownie that comes floating in hot chocolate sauce bubbling in a skillet and is served with ice cream; by all accounts a most delectable proposition for dessert.

Skillet Brownie by Tuscany Courtyard

  1. Nutty vanilla ice-cream by Soft Swirl:

Do you want amazing dessert but on a budget? Then soft swirl is the perfect option for you. With a variety of items on their menu, from ice-cream to chocolate sundaes to shakes, everything is just amazing and is certain to make your taste buds tingle. Their most loved dessert is the Nutty vanilla ice-cream and Brownie sundae bowl which is enough to full 4 sweet-toothed people that too at a very economical price.

Desserts by Soft Swirl

  1. Cheesecake and Waffle toast from Burning Brownie:

If you love cheesecakes Burning Brownie is the place to go. The taste of the velvety cream cheese and graham cracker crust served with berry sauce is to die for. If you are a cheesecake lover like us, Burning Brownie is the place for you. While you’re there, do try the waffle toasts and you will definitely keep coming back for more. The sweet combination of bananas, Nutella and vanilla cream is ever-so-perfect, you will thank us.

Cheesecake by Burning Brownie

Waffles by Burning Brownie

  1. Ultra chocolate cake from Crema:

A heavenly flavoured dessert is served slightly warm with a scoop of ice-cream. This dark slice of dreams is an intense chocolate-coffee amalgam. The slice is at lower sugar level from regular chocolate cakes but at a stage higher on the overall magnificence.

Best desserts in Islamabad

Do let us know your favorite place for dessert in Islamabad that you think is worth trying for all the sweet toothed out there.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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