The Best Burger Joints In Islamabad – Kya Scene Hai Phir Bro?

People love to claim that Islamabad is a dead city, and that every islamabadi sleeps very early. Or that the food scene in Islamabad isn’t very good.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Islamabad. For one, people love to claim that Islamabad is a dead city, and that every islamabadi sleeps very early. Or that the food scene in Islamabad isn’t very good. We all have to agree with the fact that every city has one thing that makes it what it is. For example, Karachi mein bhae sahib kabhi acha phone nahen rakhna ya Lahore kay baray mein tou na hi shuru karwaien. But khair, aaj we will break this bubble, and start with the best burger joints in Islamabad.

We did a lot of research, and came up with the best 6 burger joints in Islamabad.

  1. The Burger and Co

This amazing burger joint is located near D Watson in F-11 and Beverly Center F-6. This is one of the best places to get burgers, if you feel like having that quality burger. They specialize in providing you with premium bread, and cooked to perfection layers of meat or chicken, whichever you prefer. They also have amazing deals, and discounts from time to time.

  1. Char Grill Central

Char Grill Central or CGC is one of the best places to have a burger, if you also want that super cool vibe with it. This joint is in F-7/3, Gol Market or Bahria Town Phase 7. The one in F-7/3 is super amazing because it is right next to Hotspot, and you can sit outside or indoors, and enjoy that vibe with your friends or family.

  1. Roasters

Do you also have that one friend, who always goes against what everyone is saying? Like if everyone wants a burger, they will want to eat a pizza or anything really that the rest of you don’t want to eat. If that is the case, then Roasters is the safest place you can go to. They have a menu full of amazing food, and is located in F-7, and Bahria Town.

  1. Howdy

Did you all want to be a Cow Boy after watching Woody in Toy Story? We are sure you did, because we certainly did. And while it is now not possible for most of us, you can still get a little fill of your dream by going to Howdy. While, they do not have you Cow Boy shaped burgers, (it would be super amazing if they did), but you can still eat some amazing, juiciest burgers, in the whole Cow Boy vibe.

  1. Jessies

Jessies is just a burger place. Like, you will not get anything else in Jessies. Located in F-7/1. This place is a go to for when you are craving a burger with fries, and all you want is to fill your mouth is fries that taste like heaven.

6. OMG

Before we talk about OMG, we will like to mention, that is this is not in Islamabad, and is instead in Chaklala Scheme 3. But this is our guilty pleasure, we could not, not talk about this. You should go to this place when it is the end of the month, and you are desperately waiting for your pay, but still feel like eating a burger. OMG, is super economic, and while maintaining the taste and quality.

And this concludes our list for the best burger joints in Islamabad, except for OMG, but then again, the twin cities are generally considered as one, and no one really knows where Islamabad ends, or where Rawalpindi begins.

All in all, you should go visit all these places and see what we mean.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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