Best Cuisines To Try This Eid

The twin cities are a foodie’s paradise, offering a diverse selection of local and international cuisines to suit every taste.

Best Cuisines

Eid is not only about dressing up and uploading the best pictures of the day but also about food. There’s a reason why people refer Eid-ul-Fitr as Meethi Eid, because of all the delicious food ofcourse! But let’s not burden the women of our house who have been tirelessly making special iftars for us. Give them a break this Eid and take them out for a special meal.

The twin cities are a foodie’s paradise, offering a diverse selection of local and international cuisines to suit every taste. Because the city’s terrain is littered with hundreds of eateries, you are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where and what to eat.

With hundreds of restaurants dotting the city landscape, all your culinary cravings are satisfied. To save you all the trouble, we have compiled a list of the best cuisines to try this Eid.

Asian Wok Islamabad:

Islamabad now has an excellent Chinese food option. If you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine, Asian Wok is the place to go. Asian Wok is undoubtedly one of the best eateries of Islamabad. Be it Chinese, Thai, Japanese or sea food, This place is a must try. With exceptional taste and mesmerizing setting, Asian Wok tops our list as the no1 go to place this Eid.

Monal Islamabad:

How about Eid with a view? You can plan to grab a bite at Islamabad’s very own Monal restaurant located in the Margalla hills providing you the best taste with a spectacular view of the entire city. The Monal prides itself on serving authentic Pakistani food that is as diverse as our history. You can also enjoy live music specially arranged for Eid which is a treat for the senses as well as the stomach.

Imagine how beautiful your Eid pictures will look when taken at this beautiful location.

Tuscany Courtyard:

Whenever we talk about best food in the twin city Tuscany Courtyard is always on the list. Tuscany has some of the best Italian cuisine in the country, as well as a diverse selection of dishes that are bursting with bold flavors and made with fresh ingredients that can be devoured with pure satisfaction. Do give their Skillet Brownie a try this Eid which will surely make for the perfect Meethi Eid experience.

Des Pardes:

Situated in the Saidpur Village of Islamabad, the Des Pardes Restaurant offers glorious perspectives on Margalla Hills alongside the delightful sustenance. Discussing the climate of the eatery mirrors the neighborhood custom and culture of Pakistan. Also, the visitor can appreciate unrecorded music. The cooking here differs from Pakistani to Continental and with a spot of Italian and Chinese.


Food at a height and that too in Rawalpindi? Kallisto is the place for you. With delicious food and amazing aura, Kallisto vows to satisfy your needs this Eid. Also being a very picture-perfect place, Kallisto is a must go-to. The restaurant has, no doubt a wonderful architecture giving you some ancient Greek and Egyptian vibes.  The view gets prettier at night when the whole Bahria Town is lit and it feels like fireflies are dancing underneath your feet.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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