Enjoy National Pizza Day with the best in Pakistan

February 9 is regarded as national pizza day. Let’s explore some of the best pizzerias in Islamabad.

top 5 pizzerias in islamabad

February 9 is regarded as national pizza day. Pizza is a delicious treat for the entire family, but with new pizzas popping up in the city every day, it is becoming more and more challenging to choose the finest one. In light of this, we’ll discuss the 5 top pizzerias in Islamabad that you may visit right now. Enjoy National Pizza Day with the best pizzas in Pakistan 2023.

Where to Enjoy National Pizza Day?

 Broadway Pizza

One of Pakistan’s top pizzerias is Broadway Pizza. Broadway, which has long been a staple in Lahore and Karachi, just recently opened in the capital, but trust us when we say that the city is grateful.
Before their real crown gem emerges steaming hot from the oven, this pizzerias provides a wide selection of appetisers. Broadway Pizza has developed a cult following in the foodie world due to its distinctive flavour and presentation.
Due to its abundance of olives, smoked chicken, mushrooms, and chicken tikka, the Wicked Blend is undoubtedly their most popular flavour.

OPTP  Islamabad

OPTP  Islamabad is most known for its mouthwatering burgers and garlic mayo-topped fries, but more lately, they have begun to provide an incredible pizza selection.
And if you are acquainted with the restaurant, you would know that they have never compromised on quality, and every new dish they add to the menu becomes a smashing success.

Islamabad’s New Yorker Pizzeria

In Islamabad, New Yorker Pizza is perhaps one of the top pizzas on the list. Every single person who gets food from the pizzeria has a vast selection to choose from, and there is little competition in terms of flavour.
You should be aware that New Yorker Pizza Islamabad initially introduced the 21-inch pizza fad in Islamabad. Nothing can make your day better than tasting one of their filled-crust pizzas.
When it comes to the sides, dough, pizza toppings, and pizza size, the pizzeria provides a wide variety of options.

Cheezious  Islamabad

Cheezious is one of the newest pizzerias to take over Islamabad. The restaurant is a favourite among foodies because of its extensive selection of appetisers, creative pizza flavours, and lightning-quick delivery service.
The pizzeria is going above and beyond to boost its reputation, and as a result, new outlets are popping up wherever you look.
The Crown Crust is one of the tastiest dishes on their menu. If you want to top it with some regional flavours, they have Chicken Tikka and Chicken Tandoori, and if you want an international flavour, they have Pepperoni and euro flavours.

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14th Street pizza

We will finish with 14th Street Pizza. Probably one of Islamabad’s hottest and most well-liked pizzas at the moment.
With that tiny bit of history, you can assume that the restaurant has been operating for a while. It was the first pizzeria in all of Pakistan to launch the 20″ pizza.
This incredible pizzeria provides a wide variety of flavours, like the Hot Chicken Mughlai and the Creamy Chicken Delight. This fantastic restaurant also has filled-crust pizza, if that’s something you like.








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