20th Ramzan-Fateh Makkah

Special prayers and salah are performed on the 20th of Ramzan in remembrance of this historical day.

20th Ramzan is a historical event for muslims as Makkah was conquered under the leadership of Hazrat Muhammad(P.B.U.H). This event is called Conquest of Makkah or Fateh Makkah. It was 20th Ramadan 630 AH when Muslims were blessed by Allah with success after long hardships. This is a great show of courage and bravery.


Before the conquest of Mecca, a few occasions occurred. On 628 C.E the Prophet Muhammad set out with around 1400 Muslims from Medina to perform umrah. When they reached the edges of Mecca, the Prophet sent an emissary to the Meccans, illuminating them that the Muslims were not coming to battle but rather coming to perform a custom. The Muslims were not allowed the journey that year, but rather an understanding was reached between the Muslims and Quraysh.

Treaty of Hudaybiyah:

This understanding was known as the Treaty of Hudaybiyah. As indicated by the arrangement, the Muslims would put off their journey until the following year. At the point when the Muslims returned for the trip, the Meccans would clear the city so that the Muslims could play out the custom gently.

Likewise, all the Arab tribes would align themselves with the Meccans or the Muslims and shield the particular side should there be an assault. At long last, the arrangement illustrated an arrangement for a long time of peace between the two sides, keeping any gore.

Both sides clung to the bargain at first. After two years, there was an infringement of the understanding. One of the tribes aligned with the Meccans assaulted and executed a few individuals from a tribe aligned with the Muslims. This episode disintegrated the settlement.

Conquer of Mecca:

At this point, the Muslims had turned into an imposing power; thus, in 630 C.E., the Prophet Muhammad chose to take a multitude of 10,000 towards Mecca. Muslims still prefered peace and harmony. They entered Mecca with all their pride. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) emphasized on refraining from fighting unless Quraysh attacked.

As the prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) divided his troops into four divisions to enter the city from four different directions. Before entering Makkah, while still seated on his camel, the Prophet bent low, prostrating in humility and gratefulness to his Allah. They Quraysh had surrendered to the muslims and no one tried to resist their entry.

Finally, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) was back to their home and above all to the most sacred place for Muslims. The last Prophet with His companions entered Mecca. He broke all the idols and performed Salah. After several years of torture and hardships, the muslims were back to their land and the holiest place on Earth. They gained back the possession of the House of Allah prepared by Hazrat Ibrahim.

Special prayers and salah are performed on the 20th of Ramzan in remembrance of this historical day. Through his treatment of the Quraysh, the Prophet demonstrated his faith in peace, non-violence, freedom, human rights and equality of all human beings. He also lived the verse of the Quran (16:126) in which it is said that retaliation is valid, but forgiveness is more noble and worthy of reward.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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