Why Can’t we Make a film on Mughal Emperors?

According to what Nadeem Baig had to say, “We should absolutely create films about our history but they are so expensive.”

Why Can't we Make a film on Mughal Emperors?
Why Can't we Make a film on Mughal Emperors?

The next historical project in Bollywood, Taj, a Mughal emperors film which will feature Naseeruddin Shah, Aditi Rao Hydari, and Dharmendra in the leading roles, will focus on the Mughal monarch King Akbar and the subsequent bloody struggle among his sons for the regal crown.

On the same day that the trailer for the Mughal succession drama, Taj came out on social media, a teenager at the 14th Karachi Literature Festival asked a panel of filmmaker Nadeem Baig, actors Kubra Khan, Shahzad Sheikh, Shamim Hilaly, and writer Bee Gul why we don’t make movies about our history, especially about the Mughal empire, as the rest of the world does. This would definitely promote and flourish our film industry

With a laugh, Baig said, “I agree that we should create documentaries about our great kings, but they’re quite expensive. “In such cases, we just bring them in from abroad. On embracing rich historical periods in Pakistani cinema, he stated, “Let’s simply observe what others are creating right now.

The Taj – Split by Blood teaser perfectly captures King Akbar’s (Naseeruddin) rule as he searches for a good heir to carry on his illustrious history, which sparks a bloody struggle amongst his sons for the throne. Taj – Divided by Blood promises to be full of drama, politics, and tragedy, as well as love, desire, and romance as well as arts, poetry, and architecture. Most notably, it’s a brutal fight of succession in the pursuit of power, in contrast to most romanticized accounts of the Mughal era.

Beginning on March 3, 2023, the over-the-top (OTT) platform Zee5 will begin streaming the 10-part succession and family drama series Taj – Split by Blood, which was inspired by actual events.

Films on Mughal emperors must be promoted by Pakistani film directors. This indeed would promote our film industry.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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