The Cloud City Metaverse: Pakistan Enters Into Web3

NARSUN studios the biggest game development company has announced the first ever metaverse in Pakistan. TCCM (the cloud city metaverse). This marks the first giant step into the world of web3 and will bring extreme business opportunities for Pakistan.

pakistan enters web3.0 TCCM

Metaverse is a universe of connect virtual worlds. Imagine many worlds in which you can jump without returning to reality. This technology is said to be the future. It is said that 10 trillion dollars of economic value and millions of jobs will be generated. Expect metaverse to take over global economy. Digital revolution has turned around the fates of countless countries like China and India, our neighbouring countries.

TCCM (The Cloud City Metaverse) is built on the latest technology Unreal engine 5, the most powerful engine that combines high-end graphics, hyper-realistic environments, and excellent visual design along with audio, lighting, animation, and other capabilities to give players an immersive experience all things of web3 and NFT, a complete metaverse with integrated economic functions, sending you into a parallel virtual world of digital identity.

Cloud city is a place where players can own their virtual lands rent them our play P2E store guilds. Build NFT assets and monetize their experience. While it will be free, players can opt to purchase NFTs, customize them and trade NFTs. TCCM is set to become a revolutionary technology for not only everyday users, but also for enterprises for example in fintech, education, health, construction and loads of other verticals.

For the first time, Pakistan will be competing with big tech names in the world and we’re here to witness it. Founder and CEO of NARSUN Studios & Co-Founder of TCCM Umer Abbas said, “My team and I have been working on web3 projects for a while now but it was time we did something for our country too. We want to educate our people about the beauty of this space and bring more opportunities to our country. Pakistan has always been perceived as tech-illiterate but this will be a sign to the world that we can do it too.”

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The project has been uplifted by many other international block chain companies like sandbox and Decentraland big names in the web3 game. TCCM will also bring about business opportunities in Pakistan. Ahsan Imtiaz – CEO of TCCM said, “The tremendous amount of engagement and brand awareness that businesses will get using TCCM and that too in the most affordable way, is amazing. We’ve already made a noise in the international market because of the opportunities that we provide to businesses and the graphics we create to do so. We’re hoping our people too will soon jump the bandwagon and be the trendsetters this time.”

Believe the hype, prepare yourself, and bide your time. It’s now a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’. The world our children see will be very different from what we see and Pakistan would do well to be a major part of it.

Written by Team Neemopani


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