Suno, Tumharay Lye Ek Rishta Aya Hai!

Rishta culture is the biggest reality of our society and relatives are simply relentless.

Rishta, no matter how far you run away from the word it will come for you.  Ironically, it is more of a deadline for women to get married before 25 Warna log kia kahein gay? Buddhi ho jao gi, rishtay nahi ayengay! Rishta culture is the biggest reality of our society and relatives are simply relentless.

All Pakistanis, probably after the age of 20, start getting rishtas, and with that comes rejection too. It’s such a disgrace to our society that if you get rejected for rishtas multiple times, then sorry bachay, you are no more acceptable and you do not conform to our societal norms.

Rishta Culture

Here are some hilarious yet pitiful encounters of the Rishta culture. Get ready for Ijtimai laughter:

  1. The Gol-Roti Concept:

This tops the list. The most popular question of all because apparently, Gol Roti is a symbol of maturity and responsibility. Sorry girls, if you can’t make Gol Rotis you aren’t qualified to be a part of the pretentious and self-proclaimed respectable families.

  1. Angraizon jaisi Gori Bahu:

Our Gora complex is taking on new heights every day. No matter how many complexion positive campaigns are run on the media, every rishtay wali aunty wants a gori bahu for their son. Sadly, families acknowledge this stigma and force ubtan and turmeric on their daughters for a brighter complexion. Beauty Standards for our society are such that a boy should be tall, DARK, and handsome while a girl should be GORI.

Fair Bahu?

  1. A highly educated daughter who stays at home

No matter if you’re at a highly honourable post at a firm or a doctor, once you get married you’re expected to stay at home and make the ever-in-demand gol rotis. If God-forbid, a woman decides to achieve new goals in her career and delays getting married then taubah taubah astaghfirullah what a disgrace!

Toxic rishta culture

It’s not only girls; boys also face rejection several times before landing with the right family. For instance, their field of choice is always a question.

  1. The career of choice

If you’re an engineer, they want a doctor. If you’re a doctor they want a chartered accountant. Although boys may have the privilege to propose or choose a girl for themselves, let’s not ignore the pity reasons for rejection they face simply thinking Mard ko dard nahi hota.

  1. Apna ghar nahi hai:

Although it is also true that parents want the best for their daughters and they always tend to look for rishtas that are a tad bit higher in societal standards than them. Sometimes a perfect family and a perfect man are rejected on the mere basis that they live on rent. And even if the family has their own house, they want a separate house for their daughter stating that since he’s the provider, he shall provide. ‘Beta nahi tou aur kaun karega!’

  1. Out of caste:

Just when everything seems great; the man is settled in his own house and the girl is fair who knows how to make gol rotis, “caste” comes in between. In our culture caste system is praised even before religion. Rajputs, Sheikh, Chaudhry, Malik, and God knows what else. After several meetings over extravagant tea at each other’s house, rishta is rejected saying Hum caste k bahir shadi nahi kartay.


It is the 21’st century and we have also survived a global pandemic yet our thoughts and minds are caged by such a regressive approach towards rishta. No matter how civilized or educated our society claims to be, rishta culture is deeply rooted and continues to be a disgrace. It’s high time the new generation steps up and says AB BUS!

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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