Neemopani Ki Umeed-e-Pakistan

Umeed-e-Pakistan is the tribute of Neemopani to the people of Pakistan.

There was once a girl who used to dream of doing something for her country. She would lie down with her grandmother every night asking about the stories of Indo-Pak independence. And when she grew up, she dedicated her life to making her country proud! But who is she? She is you, me, and all of us, and together humaray ander hai aik Umeed Ki kiran, aik Umeed-e-Pakistan!

Umeed-e-Pakistan is the tribute of Neemopani to the people of Pakistan scattered all over the world to appreciate and commend their passion, hard work, and dedication for what they do. This is a token of appreciation from our side to thank the people for their tireless effort into making their country proud!

Pakistan is what the people of Pakistani make it; they are for Pakistan, and Pakistan is for them! The vibrant colors, the diversity, the acceptability of people from all backgrounds is what is special about our country! This is Pakistan, and so much more, more than words can describe.

But above all, it is the passion of the people for their country that makes them standout beautifully. For the people of Pakistan, the country is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and Umeed. This motivation and dedication drive the people to try and make their country proud!

The people of Pakistan, keep the flag hoisting high in the sky, achieving the impossible to let the world know that they are Pakistanis! Why? Because Pakistan gives them a sense of security and belonging. It gives them home for a better future for them, and their children.

It is a symbol of Umeed that keeps them going because they know that Pakistan is them at the end of the day, and for them! The overseas Pakistanis miss the feeling of home in their bones and try to find the time to feel the land beneath their feet. But even when they can’t, we know that where they are, from where they are working, it is for their country. They stay away from the soil of their forefathers for the sake of the prosperity of their homeland.Neemopani Ki Umeed-e-Pakistan

And it is to those Pakistanis that we want to let know that we are proud of you! We see what you do and want to thank you for all you are doing for our motherland; together, we will make the country soar higher than we can imagine!

Neemopani, a content creation studio vows to continue to appreciate and applaud all the people of Pakistan from the different sectors that they belong to, for what they do. This video is just the start of a bigger picture that will showcase Pakistan in all its glory, and will show to the world what Pakistan means to its’s people. This is just the start of the Neemopani Ki Umeed-e-Pakistan.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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