Ship Carrying 1000 Porches Catches Fire

Ship carrying 1000 Porches catches fire: Felicity Ace, a cargo ship, was reportedly carrying at least 1000 porches and 189 Bentleys. It caught fire, causing a major financial loss

Credit: Automotive News

When it comes to crushing the dreams of all millionaire rich boys, nothing sets the record like the ship that was carrying 1000 porches and caught fire. You can bet how many of the millionaires and billionaires were crying who wanted to impress their crush or lovers. If that wasn’t enough, the mammoth ship was abandoned in the middle of the sea where it wears the crown of fire while staying afloat in the oceanic vastness. 

The ship bears the name Felicity Ace, and it was reportedly carrying at least 1000 porches and 189 Bentleys. We can imagine how many rich people had major fights with their significant others over whether to have kids or whether to have a Porsche. Now, we know that those couples will surely be having kids. The fire that ended up changing the family plans of many started on Wednesday and soon took over the entire vessel. The fateful ship that would end up crushing the dreams of owners of at least 1000 Porsches, 189 Bentleys, and other luxury cars (overall 4000 cars) had departed from Emden Germany, and was scheduled to arrive on the port of Davisville R.I. on Wednesday. 

The blame for this fire is put on the Lithium batteries present in the electric cars. The exact cause is not known, but this theory is enough to make all the millionaires everywhere hate electric cars as well as lithium batteries. You can bet that in the future, the batteries won’t be carried now with the luxury cars.

The only good thing that this accident had was the safety of the poor 22 crew members. In a physically demanding operation, they were all extracted out of the burning ship unharmed and the ship was abandoned at the sea. Though we know the workers’ safety is a piece of good news, whoever took the decision of leaving the burning ship in the middle will surely have nightmares about the ghosts of all those luxury cars. It is not clear that among the 650 foot- 60,000-ton cargo inventory, how much was lost in the fire.

On a serious note, the fire was the result of showrooms meeting high customer demands amid the supply chain problems that were caused by the pandemic. It is clear that the problems have not been solved, and many of such delivery ships are operating on lower costs and limited resources which might jeopardize safety. Hopefully, these matters will be tended to so that no such incident occurs again.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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