New ICC Rules – From Wolrd Cup 2022 to 2023

As per the playing states of the tournament, delivered by the ICC, there will be a “drinks break” during every innings for the ICC T20 World Cup, which is due to be played in UAE and Oman from October 17.

new icc rules

Icc has not decided yet for the new rules in T20 world Cup 2023, but as per 2022 world cup rules, there will be a “drinks break” World cup will be played from 5th October in india.

This new addiction is set to allow the players the opportunity to discuss strategies amid drinks break which will be midway of each inning. This step is said to help improve the team’s efficiency and performance. However, if the matches are set to be interrupted and consist on 14 overs or less, the drink breaks will be cancelled.

The new guideline further referenced that in the event of an extended postponement or interference preceding the break, the match referee, at his tact, can cancel all remaining drink breaks. In also another first time, the T20 World Cup this time will have umpire decision review system as well. This will be the first time in the history of T20 World Cup that teams will have this option. All the teams have two reviews available per innings, a review is lost only when there’s an unsuccessful appeal.

In case of rain affected matches, the minimum number of overs is to be increased so that a result can be determined through the DLS method.

“To constitute a match, a minimum of 5 overs have to be bowled to the team batting second subject to a result not being achieved earlier. For the semi-finals and final, a minimum of 10 overs have to be bowled to the side batting second, subject to a result not being achieved earlier,” the new playing condition said.

The ICC has also confirmed that if the match is tied, a Super Over will be played. And, in case the Super Over ends as a tie, then subsequent Super Overs shall be played until there is a winner. “Unless exceptional circumstances arise, there shall be an unlimited number of Super Overs played to achieve a result,” the playing condition highlighted.

Both the semi-finals and finals will be held on a saved date and in the event of match not being conceivable on planned day then it will be moved to the day on which the halted matches are to be played.

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