Millennial Father Ends Up Blocking Whole Town’s Internet

Millennial Father Ends Up Blocking Whole Town’s Internet – This legend of a man fails from France and considering the stunt that he pulled, his name will forever be on the list of “Dads who messed up”

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We all love the internet, don’t we? It’s the perfect pastime when we are struggling on the toilet with a clogged stomach. 200 Rupees bet you are scrolling through this article on your cell phone right now.

Although both the internet and the cellphone were invented with good intentions, this Gen Z has the gift of turning every useful invention into their parents’ nightmare. I mean, look at all the abominations that they put on TikTok. I wonder if the next generation will be of unicorns with over 10,000 genders. But let’s get back to the track!

The boomers also have this wonderful gift of shooting down curses upon the new generations and wince about how they had to skip five hundred volcanoes to go to school. We millennial people carry the worst of both. We are next-level mental handicaps for proving our point. Some of us believe that everything that annoys us should be made illegal. That construction sound across the street, that jerk of a dog that cannot stop barking, and that social activism movement that somehow caught momentum based on one tweet or one post. We have odd and extremely ineffective ways of protesting and proving our point. Some of us will go as far as typing in lower alphabets because we reject capitalism. We can go to extreme lengths to teach our kids the importance of having no internet… like blowing up the connection of the entire town. You read that right! A millennial father recently became the highlight of the entire town and then the news, and not in a good way.

This legendary father hails from France, and considering the stunt he pulled, his name will forever be on the list of “Dads who messed up big time.” We cannot say for sure if what he did was wrong because come on, you haven’t seen the turd of a person the Gen Z kids can be. His kids were addicted to social media, and I bet he saw them making tiktoks in their rooms. The step he took was sure to save himself from a lifetime of the trauma of having tiktokers as kids. To limit their screen time, the boomer millennials used a signal jammer to stop them from going online late at night. It worked out well for him… perhaps too well because it ended up blocking the internet of the entire town from midnight to 3 am. The complaint went to the ANFR (Agence Nationale des Frequneces) and the cause was found to be that nasty signal jammer. Considering how they are ready to throw him in jail or make him pay an absurd amount of fine, I bet they don’t know that in Pakistan, our mothers are praying for our cellphones to catch fire. Maybe when matters remain restricted to prayers, things will be fine. We just hope that Pakistani parents don’t get the idea from this French man because here there are no agencies to stop them.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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