Shehzad Roy On A Mission To Control Population

Shehzad Roy is the Goodwill Ambassador for Population & Family Planning. He is on a mission to control the population in Pakistan. How?

South Asia is heavily populated with fewer facilities and awareness. It has 25% population of the entire world. South Asia in the Asian continent leads in population. Pakistan is among the top four countries in South Asia to be the most populated. Shehzad Roy is the Goodwill Ambassador for Population & Family Planning. He is on a mission to control the population in Pakistan. How? We will tell you about this in the article.

Pakistan is the 5th most populated in the world. As a developing country, it carries a burden on the economy. The population of youth is over 63%. But what if there are no resources? What is the use then of the population? Pakistan has been struggling to stabilize its economy and to be self-sufficient. The only question rises how to do that, by keeping a balance in the population to exercise more benefits.

Zindagi Trust

Shehzad Roy has been very active in community building, focusing on health and education primarily. He established Zindagi Trust to provide educational facilities to underprivileged children who did not have access to education. They had some policies which were achieved with the help of the government. It includes Child Protection through Life Skills Based Education (LSBE), school consolidation, banning corporal punishment, and stopping the abuse of the school grounds. They had certain goals like teacher’s performance evaluation, sports, and arts in every school. Life skills are very much important for survival. They have collaborated with Aahung, the governments of Sindh and Balochistan, to introduce LSBE into their textbooks.

Goodwill Ambassador for Population & Family Planning

He was recently made Goodwill Ambassador for Population & Family Planning. He has been propagating to control the population so that a common man can have access to the benefits. He has requested the International Monetary Fund, Prime Minister Imran Khan, and Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin to exempt the taxes on contraceptives. The tax will directly affect the population growth. 17% of the couples did not have access to them. He said that the ‘exponentially growing population was a huge issue.’ Adnan Malik in a tweet also had supported him as the ambassador of population and planning. He had shared his views, “If Pakistan’s population had been less than 100 million, it would have been a different story for us. The population explosion is at the root of so many of our issues.”

We hope that the government pays attention to the issue being raised so that it can control the population surge for a better Pakistan.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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