Microsoft Bringing Digitalization To Sindh

Microsoft Bringing Digitalization To Sindh – Microsoft has signed an Educational Transformation Agreement (ETA) with the School Education and Literacy Department (SELD) and Sindh Education Foundation (SEF).

Where the world had reached its peak of education, the students of the Pakistani province, Sindh are still suffering from multiple issues that bar their way to a more progressive and educational future. From an inadequate system to uninterested teachers that have little to no interest in the growth of children, the ground for a total collapse of the educational sector has been set in the province. If that is not enough, lack of proper infrastructure and excessive political and social problems are also adding oil to the fire.

Thanks to the efforts of the government, reforms have been taking place. With the help of technology, the authorities are making sincere efforts to ameliorate the educational standards of Sindh. Introducing tech support that helps monitor the school’s performance, the government is ensuring accountability to the sector of education. The newly introduced digitalization has helped students to enroll more in the schools and has also led to qualified teachers joining the schools’ workforce. These tech-based have changed the landscape of Sindh and the results speak for themselves. With over 89% student retention rate according to a report shared by the global partnership, more students are now transitioning to Higher Education. 

In the light of similar initiatives to help the education sector in Sindh, Microsoft has signed an Educational Transformation Agreement (ETA) with the School Education and Literacy Department (SELD) and Sindh Education Foundation (SEF). The agreement was signed based on the Microsoft Educational Transformation Framework (ETF). According to this framework, Microsoft is bringing a digital transformation in Sindh and making it more organized and successful. Microsoft will conduct several workshops, training sessions, webinars, and other joint activities. 

An initiative of this caliber can boost the progress exponentially for the Sindh education sector. Harnessing the power of useful tech trends, Microsoft is taking steps to leverage the power of Information Communication Technologies (ICT). The first step of this collaboration between the government and Microsoft is to develop practical strategies for digital transformation. Microsoft will do whatever it can to help smooth Sindh’s digital transition. 

Jibran Jamshed, the Education Lead at Microsoft Corporation expressed his opinion on this agreement. He said that it will prove to be a roadmap to progress, and it will help bridge the gap between education and employability using ICT. 

A step like this will transform the way students learn new skills. The faculty, students, and educators will be able to leverage the latest technologies of Microsoft. This level of digitalization will also Sindh education system more robust to sudden calamities like a global pandemic. 

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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