Smog in Lahore – Reache the Worst Situation Again

Increasing issues of smog have sickened thousands of lives while many others are forced to stay home for protection.

Smog in Lahore

Smog in Lahore – While some cities enjoy the foggy winter days, Pakistan’s cultural capital suffers from yet another season of smog. The thick haze of smog that wrapped Lahore and its surrounding areas in the worst Smog. Giving the Lahore the title of the world’s most contaminated city, as per a Swiss air quality monitoring company.

Lahore was once known as the city of nurseries, which were universal during the Mughal period of the sixteenth to nineteenth century. Extreme urbanization and flooding populace development have generally ruled out greenery across the city. Increasing issues of smog have sickened thousands of lives while many others are forced to stay home for protection. The government has also announced three days off every week in schools and colleges in order to counter this health hazard.

Here are some precautions you can take to keep yourself safe from its harmful effects:

  1. Drink plenty of water:

Fluids are said to help eliminate toxins from the body. Drinking lots of water will help flush out the harmful effects of smog that enter the lungs.

  1. Always wear a mask:

Although Covid has already put everyone into this practice, but wearing a mask will help prevent the metallic particles in smog from entering your lungs. The best way to avoid breathing in this hazardous air is to wear a mask. Encourage your family and friends to always wear a mask while going out.

  1. Lemon, ginger, and peppermint:

Lemon is known as one of the most natural cleansers and helps in detoxing the body by working as a diuretic with antioxidants. It is advised to have lemon water first thing in the morning along with ginger and peppermint, which help unclog the respiratory tract and eliminate toxins from the lungs.

  1. Wash your eyes after travelling:

Washing eyes helps get rid of any chemicals and irritants that could enter the eye. Our eyes tend to trap dust and irritants in the eyelashes; to keep yourself away from infections one must wash their eyes after travelling.


  1. Keep your house secure:

Since it’s winter season, most of us tend to keep our doors and windows open during the day to allow sunlight inside but when the outside air is polluted, you need to keep the air inside the house clean. Make sure your doors and windows are shut at all times.

Stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travelling. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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