Kyrgyzstan keen in being a part of the CPEC Project

It is a hope of better region for future with peace, development and growth in economy.


CPEC, the history-changing project in the South Asian region has all eyes on them. It is a hope of a better region for the future with peace, development, and growth in the economy. The project will achieve the political and economic objectives through trade and development. it is for this reason that Kyrgyzstan is keen on joining the project.

Opening Pakistan to the world and utilizing its strategic space, Pakistan will benefit in the years to come. CPEC covers the coastal line of Pakistan, which will boost the economy of the local region. It will attract international companies to invest in. Setting a competition to the Iranian Chahbahar and the Gulf states, the central Asian state’s access to warm waters has broadened Pakistan’s chances for the economic boom.

A pathway for the neighboring countries, Pakistan will serve as a connecting point opening up more room for diplomacy and trade.

Gwadar Port

Pakistan will be connected to Middle East, Africa, Central Asian States via road and sea.  The major goal of CPEC is to transform Pakistan’s economy by upgrading the infrastructure (road, rail, air, and energy transportation systems). The major areas focused in CPEC are power sector, which Pakistan has been suffering for a long time.

The other sectors included are industrial, agricultural and socio-economic cooperation. Due to cheap labor, the foreign companies have a favorable environment. This will encourage the companies from the region and across the globe to invest in the special economic zones.

Central Asian states always had an eye on Pakistan as they can prove to be a connection to the global markets. Kyrgyzstan has shown interest in being a part of CPEC to broaden its horizon. They can benefit from the region as well as benefit from the global market.

They can invest in tourism as well as business. The cooperation will be more than this but also includes trade, investment security cooperation as well. Being members of SCO, their mutual cooperation will be boosted bring prosperity to the region.

It presents a very strategic position in the central Asian states which will help in achieving the mutual trusts. It is speculated that to make the formal talks the Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan will be visiting Pakistan on 15th December 2021.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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