Khaab Toot Jaatay Hain – The Hum TV Drama Serial

The Hum Tv drama serial Khwaab Toot Jaatay Hain is based on the book by Dr. Syed Sajjad Hussain, The Wastes Of Times.

Khaab Toot Jaatay Hain

The Hum Tv drama serial Khaab Toot Jaatay Hain is based on the book by Dr. Syed Sajjad Hussain, The Wastes Of Times. Ehteshamuddin, the scriptwriter of this drama, has not only co-produced and directed the series, but he is also playing the lead role.

The story is about the Bengali professor Dr. Syed Sajjad Hussain, the Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University, who retells his story from the Dhaka Central Jail from where he was held captive.

It is written by Amjad Islam Amjad. The cast includes Nadeem Baig, Ehtishamuddin, Kulsoom Aftab, Peerzada Salman, Noor ul Hasan, Mohammad Ahmed, Saleem Mairaj, Eman Ahmed, Hania Ahmed, Ali Rizvi, Sunil Shankar, Saad Fareedi, Sharjil Baloch, Nazar ul Hasan, Hammad Siddique, Manan Hameed, Noreen Gulwani and Shabir Bhatti.

The drama Khaab Toot Jaatay Hain is based on the Independence of Bangladesh.

The drama starts with Professor Doctor Syed Sajjad Hussain’s story during the separation of Bengal (Former East Pakistan) and West Pakistan after 1971. He was the university’s vice-chancellor to ensure peace and discipline in that chaotic time. The idea at that time was the Bengali students were brainwashed by the anti-Bengalis who only wanted to promote their cause. To be able to do that, they had no qualms about harming and bullying students. The story is shown in both the past and the present times. It sets the layout for the upcoming war of independence for Bangladesh. Professor Sajjad was also imprisoned for not supporting the Bengalis in their efforts for an independent state.

Sajjad was then seen as a traitor and was thrown in the Dhaka Central Jail. The time he spent in jail was not easy, and he was often bullied by Bengali policemen. He only wanted peace and discipline. He wanted the children to focus on studying rather than taking part in constant fights.

The drama tells the stories of what happened in 1971 and how it affected people on both sides. The retelling is entirely unbiased and shows that the political leaders on both sides were at fault in one way or another.

The drama so far only has had only three episodes. We are anxiously waiting for how it will unfold in the future.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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