Kamli-A Tale Of Conflict, Taboos, And Trauma


Anything that has been associated with Sarmad Khoosat, is a masterpiece. After Joyland’s standing ovation at Cannes, Kamli is making waves across the country. A tale of conflict, taboos, and trauma the cast has been successful in gaining the long-lost audience’s attention. It seems a masterpiece that Pakistani cinema has been looking for.

Sarmad Khoosat

Sarmad is a master weaver and a magician when it comes to storytelling. Be it Humsafar, Shehr-e- zaat, Manto to Zindagi Tamasha, or Joyland, the small details tend to connect with the audience, making it a more relevant and long-lasting impact. He touches on the sensitive emotions of his audience. He loves to work on issues that are tabooed and he doesn’t shy away from portraying them, which in a way is very daring.

The cast

The cast includes

  • Saba Qamar as Hina
  • Sania Saeed as Sakina (Blind sister-in-law of Hina)
  • Amaltas as Saba Qamar’s Love Interest
  • Nimra Bucha as Zeenat (artist)
  • Omair Rana as Nadir Malik (Zeenat’s Husband)

The storyline

Sarmad defines this movie as a dialogue-oriented love story with songs added to it. It is a tale of conflict, taboos, and traumas. Hina’s husband is abroad and there is nothing specifically known about him. She is waiting for him, yet is in a desolate state. Kamli, as the name suggests, is truly what Saba Qamar as Hina portrays. She lives with her blind sister-in-law Sakina, who has an antagonistic character. Amaltas comes into her life as a hope to live and move on. There is striking chemistry between Hina and Amaltas, where dialogues aren’t there, but the actions say it all. On the parallel side, we can see Zeenat, who is an artist, yet her marriage with her husband Nadir is dismaying.

The movie talks about mental illness, how it is not taken into account and countless lives are lost. Beautiful elements and symbolism have been used to convey the message. The four elements of Water, Earth, Fire, and air are used to depict the set beautifully. The dark corner and landscapes will make the audience yearn to be in the places. The set design is detail-oriented, which adds to the beauty of the movie.


There are six songs in the movie. Each one of them is a masterpiece of its own. The compositions are by Saad Sultan, Izzat Majeed, and Zulfiqar Ali. The lyricist is Shakeel Sohail & Sohail Shahzad. The choreographer for the songs is Gillian Rhodes.

  • Mukhra-Atif Aslam
  • Kaash-Zeb Bangash
  • Naina-Sohail Shehzad
  • Mainu Tu-Reshma
  • Paani-Zainab Fatima Sultan

We will not be giving any more spoilers. Go grab tickets and share your views with us.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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