It’s going to be the Checkmate for Ronaldo and Messi

Make sure you don’t miss any of their matches..

In many aspects, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is unique. It has amassed a massive amount of controversy at this point. The opening ceremony, prominent stars cancelling their performance, and numerous journalists berating Qatar’s administration over coverage concerns.

But what’s worth noting is that it will be the last world cup for Ronaldo and Messi. The great giants of the Football realm will be seen for the last time so make sure you don’t miss any of their matches. After all, they are the legends that have defined the history of football.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are used to striking on the football field, but in a new Louis Vuitton commercial, contemporary soccer’s fiercest rivals battle off over a game of chess. Annie Leibovitz shot the French luxury house’s current marketing campaign, with the tagline “Victory Is a State of Mind.”

It’s fair to assume Messi and Ronaldo have the largest and most visible individual rivalry in sports. Two of the best players of all time, whose careers nearly perfectly overlapped. The fact that they played on opposite sides of the Clasico split for a major portion of their careers helped their portrayal as adversaries with conflicting personalities.

Of course, as the faces of Adidas and Nike, they have been thrust into the limelight several times for advertising campaigns, always as the primary attraction. That’s not even including the hundreds of other businesses they’ve supported throughout the years, as companies quickly realized that having one or the other assured a lot of exposure and awareness.

NeemoPani pays homage to Ronaldo and Messi. The football will never be the same without these two!

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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