Haniya Minhas – Ranked In Top 3 In Asian Tennis Sports

Haniya Minhas also won the title of the first Pakistani girl to win the Asian Tennis Federation 14 & under event.

At the mere age of 10 years, Haniya Minhas becomes the youngest tennis player to be ranked among the top 3 in the Asian Tennis Sports. The young superstar of Pakistan has bagged several achievements in the field of tennis and continues to shine bright. Haniya Minhas continues to set an example for all the young girls to step up in the field of sports.

Haniya Minhas

Haniya Minhas also won the title of the first Pakistani girl to win the Asian Tennis Federation 14 & under event. Earlier she had also won the title at the 14 & Under Sobir Cup Asian Tennis Federation tournament in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Haniya Minhas goes on to achieve several milestones and make the nation proud. At just the age of 9, she became the first youngest player to win a woman’s tennis game. At the age of 10, Haniya has been able to bag 90+ titles in her name.

Haniya Minhas Tennis Player

As Haniya Minhas set her mark in the top 3 in the Asian Tennis Sports her proud father, Mohammad Minhas, said “With tears of joy and pride I can say my daughter Haniya Minhas becomes the first-ever and youngest ever Pakistani girl to be ranked #3 in Asian Tennis!” Haniya’s father can be seen cheering for her on all the platforms while being active on social media.

Muhammad Minhas further added that his daughter has played many tennis matches against international players. However, her win against Tajikistan has put her on the map. Haniya is not only a pride for her father but also the entire nation as she continues to grow Pakistan’s name internationally.

Haniya Minhas has also been invited by Pepsi and ARY for the Pakistan Sports Awards as the Emerging star of the year.  With her tennis career, she has inspired many girls to pursue sports and become prodigies in their fields at such a young age. Haniya has several other accolades under her belt proving that girls are no less than boys and can conquer the field of sports. 

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed

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