FoodPanda And USAID Held A Three Day Culinary Conference!

As a part of this, three days Culinary and Kitchen Management training was organized at the College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM) Lahore.

Foodpanda has good news for all the small business owners in the food industry. The company has recently collaborated with USAID (SMEA) – Small and Medium Enterprise Activity to provide training and further help the people who have a knack for a culinary experience, and just require that push to master their techniques.

As a part of this, three days Culinary and Kitchen Management training was organized at the College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM) Lahore. The event had separate workshops for baking, decorations, and other things. This was attended by 3 males and 19 females. This represents an active interest that Foodpanda has in maintaining and enhancing the young businesses all over Pakistan and providing them with the opportunities that they need.

Binte Fatima Rizvi, Head of Partnerships for HomeChefs, “This is foodpanda and USAID SMEA’s third successful collaboration. We partnered during the peak of Covid-19 to impart virtual trainings to women across Pakistan on key topics like ’Online Business Management & Marketing’ and ‘Food Handling during Covid-19 Pandemic.’’

“Foodpanda’s aim is to increase the HomeChefs base in the next two years and take it up to 100,000 registered HomeChefs. Our partnership with USAID SMEA and COTHM is in-line with this vision and will help us accelerate our efforts, economically empowering people in Pakistan and enhancing food entrepreneurship in the country,” she added.

Foodpanda Home Chef Mona Bilal, owner of Hungry Hive said, ‘’Thank you to foodpanda, USAID & COTHM for providing foodpanda Home Chefs with this excellent learning opportunity. This 3-days extensive training covered all the key topics from cooking to hygiene to running a profitable business. I can’t wait to expand my menu by adding the new dishes I learned here and give my customers a WOW experience!’’

This effort by Foodpanda and USAID (SMEA) is commendable because it will only help and encourage the younger business owners all over Pakistan, and give them the skill set that they require to make sure that they master their art.

Culinary arts in Pakistan do not have a lot of knowledge, and while the people themselves are very talented, and are doing the best that they can – they still lack that bit to perfect. With things like these – people will only be more encouraged and have the confidence to be able to do what they want. We are super thankful to Foodpanda and USAID (SMEA) for this initiative.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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