Final Episode of Ishq Murshid to air on May 3

ishq murshid final episode

Hold on to your popcorn because the grand finale of the beloved TV drama “Ishq Murshid” is about to hit the big screens in a spectacular fashion! According to buzzing local news and the eagle eyes of devoted fans who’ve spotted teasers in cinemas, the ultimate episode is set to dazzle audiences in theaters on Friday, May 3rd. But worry not, if you can’t catch the cinema experience, just tune in to your TV or favorite online platform a couple of days later to get in on the drama!

The fabulous Farooq Rind has masterfully directed this gem that first graced our screens back in October 2023. The dashing Bilal Abbas Khan stars as Fazal Bakhsh, aka Shahmeer Sikandar, alongside the enchanting Durefishan Saleem as Shibra Suleman. The plot? A classic love story with a twist—our hero, the son of a politician, falls for a girl who despises the murky world of politics. In his quest for love, he reinvents himself as Mr. Ordinary to capture her heart. How romantic!

The show kicked off with mixed reactions; while some critics and viewers called the storyline “cliché” and “predictable,” with a few naysayers commenting on the lackluster spark between the leads, it didn’t stop the show from creating buzz. On a brighter note, the soundtrack of “Ishq Murshid” rocked the charts and became the fastest Pakistani OST to smash through 100 million views on YouTube – talk about hitting the high notes!

As the curtain prepares to fall on this captivating saga, fans are taking to social media to share their mixed emotions—joy for the grand ending and sorrow to see it conclude. One super fan even lamented on X about real life stealing their chance to witness the premiere rush in the cinema, all the while singing praises for Bilal and Durefishan’s mesmerizing performances.

So, mark your calendars, grab your tickets, and get ready to say a heartfelt goodbye to “Ishq Murshid” in the most epic send-off ever. It’s sure to be a rollercoaster of emotions!

Written by Istafa Ali


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