Film Production and Theatres to be tax-free now in Pakistan

A recent event highlighted several significant advancements.

Marriyum Aurangzeb, the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, said on Sunday that there will be no tax on income from making movies or going to the movies. This is to help the country’s film business. This initiative is taken to promote film production in Pakistan.

At the Icon Awards 2023 event, which was held at a local hotel, she talked about how the first Film Policy for the country was made in 2016 and then passed in 2018. Consultations with artists, producers, and other people in the film business led to the creation of this strategy.

Aurangzeb said that well-known top artists in the country had given helpful feedback on the Film Policy. She also said that previous Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif should be given credit for making films a business.

She explained that the first Film Policy said that movie theatres would not have to pay income tax for five years. Also, there are no import taxes or fees on movie tools, and sales tax has been taken away.

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The Minister said that in the past, there was no money for making films, but now the government has set up a Film Finance Fund with Rs2 billion for a year to help artists. A Committee for Financing Films has also been set up. Aurangzeb also said that artists are very important to Pakistan Television (PTV).

He pointed out that the PTV Academy had been renovated after 29 years and that the PTV records had been digitized so that they could be accessed online through a single window.

Radio Pakistan now has 12 stations, and a program called “Voice Hunt” has started. Radio Pakistan’s records, which go back 75 years, have also been turned into digital files.

Aurangzeb also said that the first Pakistan Music Policy, which aims to protect, grow, and preserve the country’s musical history, will be passed soon. She stressed how important it is to show the world what the country is really like.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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