Algal Blooms: A Threat to Marine life

Algal Blooms, Farming fertiliser and sewage waste are contaminating our drinking water.

Rising temperatures and pollution have resulted in an explosion of hazardous algal blooms, which contaminate our drinking water and endanger human health.

The algal blooms have the smell of decay and death, according to Beth Stauffer of the University of Louisiana. It is physically present. When you put your paddle in it, you can feel this layer of extremely vivid greens and blueish greens.

HABs form when some types of algae grow rapidly in the presence of increased nutrients in the water, most commonly when artificial nitrogen and phosphorus sprayed to farmers’ crops wash away in the rain and infiltrate rivers.

The algae are fed on a scale that they would never acquire normally, and a bloom form. This is not always harmful. They harm our crops and the water that we do need in future whether for drinking or washing purpose.

On a larger scale, however, many forms of algae may become poisonous and dangerous to humans and animals. And this magnitude has the potential to be remarkable.

The explosive growth of algal blooms is linked to rising temperatures and rising pollution. These green waves are both a warning sign and a symptom of a changing climate. As farming fertiliser and a tsunami of human sewage hit our warming waterways, we are in danger of turning our very drinking water toxic.

These poisons may also make their way into the food chain. Following a HAB event in August 2022, approximately 60 California sea lions with symptoms of domoic acid toxicity, including convulsions, confusion, and loss of muscular control, had to be saved.

These are the threat to global water security everywhere in the world. They pollute the water and will harm our health and marine life.

This is work that may be done in collaboration with communities, farmers, and landowners. Staniek has established the Windermere Lake Recovery CIC (Community Interest Company) to provide advice on natural alternatives and river restoration. Such steps should be taken to get rid of any kind of dangerous repercussions.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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