5 Things To Avoid In Ramadan

So here is a list of five things a person should not do in Ramadan:


Ramadan is the month of happiness and blessings, and as such with it people try to do as much good as possible. Muslims fast in this month – and it is not just the fast of not eating or drinking anything but also of sins – to make amends for the mistakes that we make, to be kind to one and another, and to show the goodwill of a person. But with all of this – we as human beings who tend to make a lot of mistakes need reminders for what one can and cannot do in this Holy month of blessings. Because this is the time when we can ask for forgiveness, and try to make our lives better and that is beneficial for us and others around us.

So here is a list of five things a person should not do in Ramadan:

  1. Don’t eat too much after breaking fast

After fasting for a whole day, people tend to eat a lot in aftari. These things usually include oily stuff but even with that – we tend to hoard our mouths and our stomachs all at one to the point where even moving seems like an obstacle because of how much we have eaten. This is not at all a healthy thing and one must refrain from practicing this.

  1. Make a good sleeping pattern

When one has to stay up all night, have sehri and then go to office or school – our sleep cycles are bound to be a little tough. We may also feel a lot sleepy during the day, and also at odd times. But with all of that we need to find the right balance to stay active and healthy and also do our best in school and offices.

  1. Spending so much time in front of the TV

During the fast times, one tends to spend a lot of time watching TV to spend the time, and this is not at all a very good thing. When fasting, a person needs to spend time doing good things.

  1. Skipping Suhoor

When it comes to Suhoor – especially with the sleep schedule – one must try not to skip suhoor because it is there for a reason. It is not healthy for a person to spend so much time with not having eaten something, so you should also try to eat something – even something light if you want.

  1. Having no control over words

This is another thing that one must try to avoid at all costs because when fasting, it is also the fast of tongue, and we must carefully choose on what we are saying and not say any bad word or say anything that can harm other people.

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