4 Pakistanis Make It To Forbes List Of 30 Under 30

Four very talented Pakistanis have made it to the list of Forbes. They have made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list 2022.


Pakistan is the land of untapped potential. Pakistanis are all across the world, acting as leaders in different industries around the globe. Whether it is the melodic singers creating new standards in music, or the untrained athletes winning gold medals in Olympics, Pakistanis prove to be one of the most talented people all around the globe.

There have been countless times when Pakistanis have made their country proud multiple times. One such occasion has occurred recently in which four very talented Pakistanis have made it to the list of Forbes. They have made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list 2022. Due to their amazing contributions in the fields of arts, industrial sectors, media and social media. All of these people are leaders in their respective fields.


  1. Zain Ahmed

Zain Ahmed founded Rastah, a Lahore-based streetwear brand. The best thing about the designs utilized in the clothes of Rastah are all sustainable. In the world of today, sustainability has special importance since it is incredibly important for the planet. Rastah continues to promote the local artisans, and the clothes it produce has been worn by many influential celebrities.


  1. Muhammad Saeed

The co-founder of BridgeLinx. It is a Lahore-based startup that was founded in 2020. BridgeLinx helps manufacturer and exporters haul around important goods to the right marketplace. This marketplace connects them to truckers and private fleets.

During the Pandemic, BridgeLinx proved to be very essential for businesses as well as continuing daily life operations. Due to its importance, it secured 10 million USD in funding nine months after it was founded.

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  1. Dur-Aziz Amna

Amna is an amazing English scholar who graduated from Yale. Amna worked for hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. She then became a fulltime writer and joined the Michigan’s Helen Zell Writer’s Program.

Her amazing portfolio and her amazing cross-cultural inspiration in her work has allowed her to be featured in Al-jazeera, Financial Times and New York Times.


  1. Shawana Shah

She is the co-founder of Da Hawwa Lur. It is a non-profit organization that continues to inflict positive change for women, transgenders, and helps them empower socially, economically and mentally. In 2016, Shawana became the first recipient of Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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