3 Most Hilarious Myths about Haunted Places in Pakistan: Part 1

Have you ever sat down and shared horror stories with your friends? You can bet that you must have heard about the famous myths like the school being built on graveyard or similar stuff. Some of these myths are so hilarious that they make us laugh instead of getting scared. When we were kids, we used to be scared of these things. As adults, the scariest things for us now are unpaid bills, searching your pocket for phone and finding it’s not there and the overwhelming workload. Our priorities have changed. However, just for the laugh, we are going to take a look at some of the hilarious myths that gave us nightmare during childhood.

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  • Our School Was Built on Graveyard

This is one of the most common horror myths that all of us have heard while growing up. As kids we loved to scare the crap out of our colleagues by telling them about the graveyard and its unrelenting spirit, haunting the bathrooms or hallways. We dreaded going to a place after dark. The myth was used by everyone who wanted to claim that a place was haunted. For a place to be built over graveyard meant it was riddled with spirits and wraiths.


  • Inverted Feet Wraiths

Some of you must remember the famous name, “Pichal Pairee”. It meant a female wraith with inverted feet, who used to haunt the places everywhere. It preyed on the weak minded and was a source of constant terror. Many claimed to have seen the inverted feet female wraiths in abandoned spots or on the side of roads. There was a common myth that said that if you spot a pretty girl late at night, and she is asking for a ride, don’t stop. She is that female wraith.


  • No Perfumes at Night

This is another hilariously misled myths that continue to be an epic part of desi myths in households. It was said that you shouldn’t apply perfumes at night. The jinns and wraiths will become enticed by your perfume and throw themselves at you. To be honest, considering how single we are now, it won’t be a bad idea to have sprinkle yourself with some of the perfume.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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