What is the Best Psychological Thriller on Netflix Right Now?

Thrillers are among of the most popular shows in the planet.

Who doesn’t appreciate the thrilling suspense, the gut-wrenching worry of what’s going to happen next, and the amazing sense of a surprise twist you didn’t see coming? It’s no surprise that Netflix has so many fantastic thriller programmes in its library. Even if you have a list of shows that you believe you would like to watch, there is always the excruciating deliberation that everyone goes through before deciding on their thriller fix. You require something that matches your mood or that you can watch with others. Even if you have a general idea of what kind of show you want to see, there is a plethora of wonderful stuff to peruse.

We’ve decided to make things a little simpler for you by creating this helpful list to help you locate the best Netflix thriller shows available in the United States. We combed through the collection and compiled this list of some of the finest thriller shows available for streaming, including classics, hidden treasures, new releases, and more.

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  1. You (2018-present)
    You follow Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a self-proclaimed romantic, in his journey to find the right girl. Throughout the series, Joe goes to tremendous (weird) lengths to prove his devotion to the ladies who catch his eye. He’s willing to stalk, abduct, and murder them in order to win them over. As much as you don’t want to cheer for someone with such dubious moral standards, the series makes it difficult not to enjoy a happy ending for Joe. We hear Joe’s thoughts and how he rationalises his actions through voiceover narration. Despite all we see him do, Badgley gives charisma to the role that makes him charming and lovable. You, like Joe, get increasingly insane as the series unfolds – the kills grow bloodier, the cover-ups become more intricate, and the breakups become lethal.

    2. Keep Breathing (2022)Keep Breathing is a gripping new Netflix survival series. Keep Breathing, which competes with the recently cancelled Amazon series The Wilds and Showtime’s smash drama Yellowjackets, also features an aircraft accident survivor. Melissa Barrera (Scream) plays Liv, a brilliant and ambitious attorney who finds herself alone in the Canadian wilderness in Keep Breathing. Keep Breathing is a collaboration between Blindspot’s Brendan Gall (The Lovebirds) and Martin Gero, and has a supporting cast that includes Jeff Wilbusch (The Calling) and Austin Stowell (Quantum Leap). Keep Breathing, beautifully depicted on a cinematic scale, depicts a personal war not just against the weather but also against Liv’s own thoughts and memories.

    1. Echoes (2022)

    Echoes is an engrossing mystery thriller about twins Leni and Gina (both portrayed by Michelle Monaghan), who share a terrible secret: they’ve been trading lives since they were youngsters. As adults who continue to live this double life, they share two residences, husbands, and even a child. When one of them goes missing, though, everything falls apart. Every minute of this intriguing limited series will have you wondering and theorising.

    1. Squid Game (2021-present)
      Grounded yet gruesome, it shows how desperate the world has become for those at the bottom when left with limited options to survive. Visually vibrant and tonally grim, it is a show that remains one of the better things the platform has created in recent memory. It demonstrates how desperate the world has gotten for people at the bottom when faced with limited alternatives for survival. It is grounded yet nasty. It is a programme that is visually vivid and tonally dismal, and it is one of the finest things the platform has produced in recent memory.

      5. Archive 81 (2022)
      In Archive 81, film archivist Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie) is hired by the enigmatic firm L.M.G. to recover material from video cassettes destroyed in a fire in 1994. As Dan watches the tape, he discovers a mystery regarding its owner Melanie Pendras (Dina Shihabi), the Visser apartment building in New York, and the ritualistic cult that she was investigating. Dan begins to see a demonic figure in the film and realises that he can connect with Melanie in 1994 after seeing them. Is Melanie’s apparition a ghost? Is watching the videos a gateway to the past or another realm? Is Dan going insane as a result of the project’s isolation? Discover Archive 81 to see how crazy this horror thriller series is. You will not be disappointed.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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