The Batman – The Bat and The Cat Trailer Breakdown

There is not much known about this upcoming movie, but from the trailer, we guess this will be one dark movie. And when we say that, we mean Joker – kind of dark.

The ongoing race between Marvel and DC continues, with fans getting all the perks. Regardless of whether you are either a Marvel or DC fan, you can’t deny that art is being created on both these sides. Be it the Spiderman movie or the upcoming Batman movie, all fans love watching these superheroes create havoc in their cities. With a new trailer for ‘The Batman – The Bat and The Cat’ we couldn’t help control our excitement for this new venture in the batman universe.

The new Spiderman movie was recently released, and it took the world like a storm. Box office records were broken, and the fans all cried and cheered watching this movie. But it is far from over. Now that everyone has seen Spiderman: No Way Home, everyone awaits the release of Batman (although it’s not from the same cinematic universe for that matter).

There is something about these superheroes, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, that draws the attention of all generations. And it is perhaps this reason why people are still crazy about Batman. And let’s not get started on the never-ending debates of which actor has played the best Batman. People argue between Ben Affleck and Christian Bale, but there is now a new Batman in town for the merry people. The light-illuminating, glowing, once-a-vampire; Robert Pattinson.

There is not much known about this upcoming movie, but from the trailer, we guess this will be one dark movie. And when we say that, we mean Joker – kind of dark. We broke down the extended trailer and got the following points to ponder over:

Batman to be released on 4th March, 2022.

Question Mark?

The trailer left us with many questions in our heads, which is ironic since there are a lot of question marks in the trailer itself. It seems that Bruce Wayne in this movie is lost and confused with secrets that are deeply confounded in the Wayne household. There is also this one dialogue, where Bruce asks Alfred that why did he lie to him? And the question marks throughout the trailer can be seen at various points.

What is Black, Blue, and dead all over?

This movie is dark, and no, we don’t mean just in terms of Batman’s personality but also in terms of the film’s cinematography. We know that Gotham City has gotten significantly darker over the years. A dark cloud looms over the city, and the directors have captured it all. The movie is created in a tone of gray, which we think signifies the personal conflicts of Bruce Wayne itself. The confused, lost soul that is Black, Blue, and dead all over.

Batman doesn’t kill?

We know that Batman initially did not want to kill, but it seems that this is about to change in this movie. In one scene in the trailer, we see Selene, the Cat woman, telling Bruce, ‘This could go very wrong for you.’ This could mean that Bruce is willing to start to kill the criminals? Another point to think over is the very end of the trailer, when Bruce waltz in from the destruction that Riddler has caused in his wake and hits the former’s car.

Riddler and his Riddles

We know that Riddler and Penguin will be in the movie. Still, after careful consideration, we have come to the following theory.

Riddler uncovers a dark secret involving the Wayne family, and then in his wake, leaves behind Riddles for Bruce. The secret, however, pertains to the ‘sins of his father.’ This means that the Wayne family is not in as goody-good shoes as it seems.

Vengeance vs. Justice

There is a fine contrast between Vengeance and Justice, and Bruce, it seems, is dangling on a thin line between the two. But what matters is how it will proceed. Which side will he swing towards? Will there be more lies or not?

The Bat and the Cat

We all remember Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale’s – The Dark Knight Rises love story. It took the fans by awe, especially the ending scene of the 2012 movie. But in that movie, Cat-burglar, while heading solid and badass, did not have much of a character. This is about to change in this movie – because of Selena, aka. Robert Pattinson’s Batman’s Cat woman has a twisted archetype.

Unanswerable questions

There are still many things in the movie that we could not answer or deduce about. No matter how many times we watched the trailer or how hard we tried. There are:

  1. Mitchell
  2. Colson
  3. Renewal is a lie
  4. Exorcism style setting placed
  5. Snydercut End scene:

In the Snydercut Justice League, we see Batman with Joker wanting to stop Superman in the ending credit scene. Technically, the end credits set the premise for the next movies, but it does not seem to be the case in this Batman installation. Why? We do not know and hope that DC can answer this for us.

Will Batman die?

This is vague, absurd and even the thought of it is pain-striking to the heart, but can we rule out the possibility that Batman will survive in the end? We hope so, really, we do, but there is also a possibility that he might not.

If we talk about Batman, we can go on for hours and hours and not stop. Something about this twisted hero reins you in, wanting to suck your soul. Ops, sorry, we are a little too used to Robert Pattinson in Twilight.

But on a serious note, this movie will be released on 4th March 2022, and we can’t wait. Obviously for the film, but also to see Robert Pattinson on screen. Because he is the love of all our lives! Robert, we love you!

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